Penn Interview in Delhi


<p>Who all at CC are attending the Penn interview in Delhi on 12th.</p>

<p>What questions are typically asked.</p>


<p>Could you give some more information about it? Is it just for the students who have already applied or who will apply in the future? I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks.</p>

<p>It's only for those who have already applied.</p>

<p>Okay, Thanks.</p>

<p>Mine is this 12th when is urs Aniruddha, and in the commonapp u mailed me I cant find ur SAT scores what's ur score?</p>

<p>Penn will ask a lot about the college - and your accomplishments and talents as well. Be prepared for good answers regarding them. Also, do as much research about the college as possible - an alum will be highly impressed if you know more about the place than them.</p>

<p>Those of you who went to this interview, how did it go?</p>

<p>My interview went nice, though I fumbled a bit. Since I am an M&T applicant my interviewer was an M&T undergrad(he ought to be really smart) , he asked me why did I want to study management and technolgy together , why mechanical engineering, why penn, why this..................... why that ............. anyways he was a nice guy.
After the questionnaire, I asked him about the rock scene at Penn since I am into music , and what clubs did he join, course load and his overall experience.</p>

<p>were your why penn and why<em>_, _</em> etc answers kinda cliched (ie the obvious answers) or did you have any wonderfully original reasons for wanting to go? :)
Also, how long was it?</p>

<p>I believe my why M&T answer was really good. I told him that for me economics and physics are really same, I justified it by saying that both these fields though may sound worlds apart but are really based on plain observation skills and analysis, both require one to dig deep.I told him that the market trends, and the way the stock market behaves can be understood by an insight of reverse engineering , there is a trail which leads us to every variation in market and all this is co related.
Market fluctuations are not caused due to some irrational buyers but by a bigger mass of rational investors who flow in same direction, the success in both these fields require one to develope an attitude to reason why? not to just speculate , we are in dark only until we fail to reason. The great investors are not great due to some gifted animal instinct but due great observational skills.
I believe this does not fall under the cliched category, but my why penn answer was a bit cliched because I told him that Penn offers various interdisciplinary studies even when one opts for a particular stream in engineering and various research options at undergrad level interests me.</p>

<p>not cliched at all, impressive :) you must've come across as pretty intense..</p>

<p>Lol seriously, I didn't even get what mechrockz wrote :P
I was there yesterday for the interview and ANIRUDHA was being called continuously by her EC :P</p>

<p>@iamthebist - I got inside the room without telling her so she was shouting. :-) How was your interview by the way? </p>

<p>Intellectual thinkers like Mecharockz get into Ivy leagues. ;-)</p>

<p>Mine was good. Quite informal. My EC got into Wharton with a 2120. Made me relieved :D</p>

<p>Is it possible for an international student to get into wharton without ANY business related ECs? I applied to cas, im just curious though.</p>

<p>Anirudha- Oh. youre a girl :P How was your interview? :)</p>

<p>I am a boy Shrey, My EC was a girl.</p>

<p>My EC had graduated from Wharton just a few mobths ago so she was very informal. The interview was great by the way.</p>

<p>@Iamthebist - Who was your EC?</p>

<p>@iamthebist I meant that what connects economics and physics is that -both require one to have great observational skills to understand them.
and that market fluctuations cannot be accounted to irrational buyers or traders , we dont need to care about that section, all an intelligent investor needs to care, is about that section of the society or investors which constitute the masses.
for example
it does not matter if an irrational idiot invests in y corporation but, it is the masses whose investment in a corporation rages the market bullish, just like
two equal and opposite forces wont disrupt the equilibrium but ten times a force vs one would f***** disrupt it.</p>

<p>You are talking about 2120; One of my alum interviewer ( Not Penn ) said that no one who gets a score of above 2000 SAT gets rejected because of low score but they get rejected because of other factors such as SAT II scores, grades, essays, ECs, LORs etc. :-) :-)</p>

<p>I don't know how true this is but it is so relieving.</p>

<p>@ Anirudha Its completely true, the Penn admissions officer who came to India a few months back said the no one gets rejected or accepted solely on the basis of a SAT score.</p>