Penn State freshmen face backlash for party that might be ‘the reason everyone goes home’

“Two competing forces ruling young adult lives could determine how long in-person classes last at Penn State: Fear of missing out and peer pressure. The first force is apparently what prompted scores of Penn State freshmen to gather Wednesday night on the sands of a beach volleyball court in East Halls for some music-fueled revelry – despite the university’s COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.” …

That darn frontal lobe!

It is quite amazing that in spite of the recent stories this continues to occur. Remote learning is knocking at the door here.

Sadly, given it’s Penn State, not really. I suspect WVU will rapidly be following.

Given that they have video, kicking every single one out of school might get the message across for other students/campuses.

It’s not really surprisingly, honestly; colleges have predicted that this would happen before they reopened, and they were preparing to blame it on their students over the summer.

They absolutely shouldn’t be having parties…but then, having lived in State College, the logical thing to do would not resume in-person school in Happy Valley.