Pennington? Any information on this school?

<p>DD was accepted at Pennington as a day student. Does anyone have any information on this school beside what I can find on Boarding School Review???</p>


<p>My s was waitlisted here. He loved the campus and the interview. Their biggest draw was class size, we were told less than 11 for every class. Theatre is awesome and sports are fair as they always compete against the other preps in the Princeton area.</p>

<p>Pennington and Hun are similar. Both have 33% boarders. Both have very small learning support programs. Both have mostly high achieving kids, but do make room for kids who are struggling a bit, although they keep that to a very small number. It makes for a nice environment when not every single kid is hoping to go to an Ivy.</p>

<p>It's a nice school!</p>