People to People. HELP!

<p>So I have been getting these People to People letters since 7th grade now and the curiosity has just built up too much.</p>

<p>Has anyone ever gone on one of these People to People student ambassador trips or even the pre meetings? If yes, what was it like was it worth it?</p>

<p>I received a letter last year and got so excited...
In the end, I found out they sent these letters to anyone and got really, really upset.</p>

<p>I went to the pre-meeting. Basically you have to pay 6k or so for an "educational trip."</p>

<p>^ Yes, they do send them to almost anyone..but there's an interviewing process that goes along with it, so you do have to be chosen. In 7th grade, I had everything paid for to go on a trip to Italy and Greece, but a Summer camp for hockey came up, so I decided to do that instead.</p>

<p>I still get the letters every year, and my dad took interest in it again this year, so I might go.</p>

<p>They might be sent to almost anyone, but I thought a teacher nominates you? I went in the summer going into my 7th grade year to Australia. It was the most fun thing and I still keep in touch with some of the people from the trip :)</p>

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