Pepperdine Class of 2023 EA Thread

There isn’t a thread yet for all of us who applied EA to Pepperdine. I’d recommend sharing your stats and admission decision when the time comes.

3.5 GPA
1300 SAT
200+ Community Service Hours
Student Touring Group
Strong Essays + Recs

Similar stats. January 10th is the latest decisions come out, many decisions are being sent this month.

Do you know when this month?

It’s hard to tell because this is the first year of Pepp’s EA, but i’d guess around Christmas time.

Pepperdine did early action in 2002-2003 and their decisions came out on December 15th! Heres the link to where I found this information…

Has anyone received any word from Pepperdine?

Pepperdine’s regular decision usually releases on a Friday. Could it be next week?

Notification before Christmas would be nice! My daughter applied EA but we cannot visit the university until March. How much weight is given to campus visits?

Hey guys! I am also anxiously awaiting my decision. It’s my dream school and I am pretty confident that I will get in. I need some advice though. I still have a few apps that are due Jan 15. I was hoping to get my pepp decision soon so i wouldn’t have to write those essays if I get in lol. Do u think I should do them now?

Also, I think they might be taking a little while because of the shooting and fire. It messed things up, which I totally understand. I’m super anxious. Praying for everyone!

i mean a little longer than usual

ugh i almost don’t want them to come out Christmas bc what if I’m rejected that would be so heartbreaking

They start coming out next Friday for sure.

I’m guessing that you have some early January deadlines coming up. Pepperdine will start sending decisions out next Friday the 21st.

Do you know that for sure?

@grog44 100%

My daughter applied EA. She received email reagarding “FAFSA is official” from FD. I’m assuming the FD got her FAFSA file. That’s our latest update.

CalimadiSame here my latest update is I got the email saying they received my FAFSA last Tuesday.
How do you know they’re sending them out this Friday for sure?

It was not me that sure sending them out this Friday. I hope so. It was a person who started this thread. :slight_smile:

Oh oops sorry. Peppinstep how do you know they’re coming out Friday?