Pepperdine RD Admissions 2023

Hope to start a thread for those waiting for Regular Decision Admission’s.

When do they release

i heard this friday they are

based on last year

first person got accepted at 5:44 pm east coast time on friday march 16 2018 which means its friday the 15th this year

they got emailed, you dont check the portal

Today’s the day!!!

Is it for sure today?

Released on this Friday last year by email

Just got my acceptance!! So excited!!! Good luck to everyone!

Accepted! D has 4.1GPA, 29ACT and had been deferred. SO happy for her!

By email?

What state are the ppl who got a decision from?

Does this mean all acceptances were sent out?

Yes, by email. I read that acceptances will be coming out all weekend though. We are in California.

Just got waitlisted 3.27 unweighted GPA 1360 SAT, 2 years varsity baseball + a lot of other ecs

lol i just got flat out denied, i got into uc davis, and i got into nyu which is extremely surprising

I also got rejected

I was also rejected. Congrats to all who got accepted!

D accepted
1450 SAT
4.7 GPA
Accepted UCR, SDSU, CSLB,
Waitlist SLO