Pepperdine Spring 2021 Transfers

Hello! I wanted to make this discussion for transfers considering Pepperdine for this upcoming spring semester. We can post stats and hopefully guide each other through the application process. Pepperdine is my top choice and I would like to connect with other students who are also interested applying here. However, I am concerned that my minimal involvement at my previous college will affect my admission. Here are just some my stats for reference.

  • this upcoming fall is only my 2nd year of college but I will have enough units to be considered junior standing
    Overall GPA: 3.787 (I have to check what my transfer gpa is, I’ll post that later on)
    ECs: Honor/ service clubs, involvement at my local church
    Major: Currently a health science major but I am applying for Nutritional Sciences at Pepperdine
    I am also applying to Point Loma Nazarene, University of the Pacific, and Long Beach