Pepperdine University Class of 23’ RD

Hey guys! I havent seen a forum yet, so I thought I would make it.

Pepperdine decisions normally come out the third friday of March?.

Good luck everyone!

Do you know how decisions will be released? Via email or mail?

I know you recieve an email, not sure you get a letter though.

So most likely the 15th? Applied for business administration.
SAT 1460 (670 R, 790 M)
4.21 W GPA
Good ECs/LORs/Essays


Does anyone know the acceptance rate for business?

Waiting for Friday. Good luck everyone!

Hey guys good luck tomorrow! I got into Pepperdine last year and just wanted to say good luck and if u have any questions ur welcomed to ask.
Also just a little information.
-Emails start getting released around 11:30am tomorrow and go out till the end of the weekend.

  • No letters are sent out in the mail.
  • If you are waitlisted, don’t be alarmed. They do accept waitlisted students. But only few are accepted from the list.
    Good luck ?

@Kms1737 Does everyone find out tomorrow, or do some people not hear until later in the weekend? Also, is there normally a set time tomorrow when decisions are released?

@Burrowsc They send out decisions all together. As for a set time, its typically around 5-6pm ET.

@Ecm815 They usually send acceptances followed by waitlists and rejections in the span of that hour right?

Super excited to hear back today! I am in Chicago so I am curious to when I will get an answer!!!

@Burrowsc that’s what I have seen in past years, but who knows haha.

ACCEPTED!! Just got my email now! Transfer from UNLV with a 3.8 gpa!! Good luck everyone

It’s says 13,700 applicants and 850 openings! So please do not get discouraged-super competitive!

just got my email while wearing my pepperdine shirt haha:
gpa: 4.0 (weighted)
sat: 1500 (superscore)
major applied to: biology
status: accepted!!!

congrats to all who applied. it was super competitive this year! 13700 apps with 850 openings is insane… that’s a 6% acceptance rate! congrats you guys!!

i’m from upstate NY, by the way, since i know location plays a role too!

Accepted for Business Administration. E-Mail Received at 2:31 PM EST / 11:31 PM PST. From Pennsylvania.

@ejordan02 That is false. They accept normally ~4000 people but the 850 number is how many people actually attend.

congrats on getting accepted! If we haven’t gotten an email yet does this mean we didn’t get accepted?