permament residency in canada??!

<p>is it right that if I graduate from a university from Canada I get a permanent residency ASAP according to this source Study</a> Abroad : USA vs Canada
can anybody confirm it please??If so, I think that I'm going to study in Canada.</p>


<p>Canada has a points-based system to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers. You could add up the hypothetical points for your future self right after graduation and see if that's enough to qualify for an immigrant visa. The</a> Points Test: Canadian Visa Bureau</p>

<p>(To clarify, "first language" and "second language" refer to English and French in your preferred order.)</p>

<p>thanks b@r!um, so it is fairly easy to do it. And one more thing can I do it even if I'm in with a student visa?</p>