Pet Peeve_ If a student/parent is NOT registered for the tour....

they should be put on a waiting list AFTER the previously registered kids and parents are accomodated!</p>

<p>I was SHOCKED at how many parents and kids --with even grandparents or siblings in tow--showed up for info sessions and tours --and had not registered. </p>

<p>Info sessions were crowded and in some cases it ruined the tours.</p>

<p>At our first school of the week--the info session was moved to a larger space which worked fine and they did have enough tour guides...The engineering tour was running late and was too big--so we ended up leaving disappointed.</p>

<p>At our second school--the info session was huge and our tour guide was a new freshman and had no real clue. The engineering tour was huge and many had not pre-registered...and it seems parents aren't realizing that we are supposed to keep up with the guide and hear what they have to say--We'd get stuck behind chatting rude parents who acted like they had no clue there were 20+ people trying to get around them!</p>

<p>At the third school--we thankfully were in the info session (they had to take the overflow and move them to another space)..and they brough in 12 tour guides which worked out fine. However in the afternoon--there were so many who had NOT registered for the Engineering tour that it was affected...The Admin there told me that large groups of unplanned students/families prevent the tours from entering labs.</p>

<p>At the 4th school--there were literally hundred more than planned--Most had not made an appointment. The AdComm offices ran out of infor packets/coursebooks twice and though my student was registered--we never got the materials.
The engineering session was far too large to be of any real help. We stayed for the Q and A which told us little more than what the AdCom officer did in the Am (we were in the overflow room) The "tour" was going to be trying to walk some 400 people into a bldg and point out a lab....but the real touring wouldn't be done.</p>

<p>It is very, very rude and ruins it for everyone when students don't register. Frankly--if you don't have the courtesy and initiative to register--I gotta wonder what kind of student the kid is--and what is the parent thinking?! It is just arrogant and rude. </p>

<p>I heard from a mom who said they were registered for a tour at a nearby university--they arrived (early/on time) to find out they were shut out of the tour because of so many unexpected students/parents! The mom had registered for the student to tour back in January!</p>

<p>I can't imagine.</p>

<p>The good news is without registering they don't get credit for demonstrating interest. ;)</p>

<p>Alot of the places make you wait while they all "sign in" on the spot...</p>

<p>Another pet peeve--
don't these kids read the web sites--
How many times are these kids and parents going to ask the same stupid questions about APs etc...for everyone's sanity
they should do their homework...</p>

<p>Made me want to say--
"hey you--if you can't look this up and know this.....and you can't register before you get here--you are not xyz ivy material!"</p>

<p>In our defense, we've been shut out of tours because signing up weeks in advance wasn't soon enough, but we couldn't come any other time. We showed up in case there were cancellations, and every time we were invited to come on the tour anyway. What a college considers an acceptable tour size varies widely from campus to campus, but I do appreciate the fact that most colleges are more apt not to shut people out of tours. That said if info packets are in short supply there should probably be a system for them to go to those who signed up ahead of time. </p>

<p>As for the dumb questions at info sessions, those get old fast - especially when you can predict them in advance. I do wish that they'd wouldn't have freshmen giving tours.</p>

<p>Families who will be spending tens and tens of thousands of dollars, expect to be taken care of and welcomed.
Colleges want to accommodate as many people as possible much to the annoyance of the pre registered.
Tour guides are often volunteers and have classes to attend so their numbers may be limited.
Many families don't tour colleges until their senior has been accepted and by then tour spots are filled up.
They should separate the Accepted seniors from the hs juniors and below because the questions and areas of inquiry are different.</p>

<p>The thing is it is NOT about spending 10s of thousands of dollars to be coddled...</p>

<p>at these ivies the kids are expected to do alot on their own...</p>

<p>it they can't freaking register----in advance--and then just show up--its quite an entitled attitude.....</p>

<p>Everyone knows when their kids spring break is--6 months or more--in advance.....</p>

<p>Why even have registration?</p>

<p>Why not have a priority for those registered...and by yr, Sr, Jr etc. Certainly the ones "in" had a different set of needs...</p>

<p>Why do kids even ask the "what about APs"...and stuff when its relative to the department was really obvious which kids were on it and which weren't.</p>

<p>One school--the dad kept saying son xyz...look at this/that"....
the kid just texted the whole time...
I saw several kids who were more interested in texting that being at the school. A very telling sign...and they were "the " college bound kid....not the bored sibling.</p>

<p>If the kid doesn't want to be there--and even the parent didn't take the initative to register...then what about those that did? What about the kids who get cheated out of the real engineering tour/labs etc because so many showed up.</p>

<p>EVERY Adcom/Angineering Dept Admin would begin with "since sooo many of you showed up without registering..." blah blah....
ie...HELLLO?! out there...didn't you read the website and know you are supposed to register!</p>

<p>Rude and selfish. I feel for the mom and son who didn't get in even having registered in January!</p>

<p>Another thing I noticed was how some parents/siblings and even grandparents would push in front of the college bound highschoolers
.....I am thinking ?Excuse me" but its not about YOU--its about these highschoolers seeing/hearing whats up..."... step back and let your kid be in front, let the other kids be in front and hang back a little so they can see/hear.</p>

<p>Several times I would let this one sweet girl in a door or to get upfront so she could see....meanwhile I watched rude parents chat while strolling aling slowly--and they were blocking the path of the 20+ other students/families behind them.</p>


It is just arrogant and rude.


<p>Doesn't it kinda depend on the college? Not all colleges REQUIRE a registration. Some will accept a registration but clearly state on their website, 'come one, come all, just as your are.'</p>

<p>fogfog-I think the whole mess stems from the sense of entitlement as you mentioned in your post. Unfortunately, we see this behavior bleeding into all aspects of daily life, sigh.</p>

<p>^^My point is--why register IF the school can't accomodate hundreds more...
literally hundreds.</p>

<p>How lame is it to NOT register...its lazy and just ride to those who did plan..and rude to expect a school can come up with more rooms and more tour guides within the hr you decide to show up unannounced?</p>

<p>Why do those who don't register think they are entitled before those who did register? All the pushing to get into an office for an info packet ?</p>

<p>This really takes me back to spring break visits with S1 last year. Never again. With S2 - we're just going to use 3-day weekends and summer visits - spring break is convenient, but so overcrowded as to ruin the experience.</p>

<p>Wow, You gotta dial it back a little cos it is not that serious and getting all angry and frustrated over a process that is not about to change is not productive. </p>

<p>Many schools simply report info tour times on their websites and don't require pre-registration especially at peak times suh as spring break. When you get to the desk, if it is really crowded, you can ask what time is the next info session/tour, grab a bite to eat, a couple of souvenirs and just keep it moving. </p>

<p>With the exception of a large group of people (who the college will require that they register), I have not been on a college tour yet, that did not take people who straggled in. They may have not formally registered, but the college will certainly welcome them on the tour an info session. </p>

<p>If the group is too big, they will ask if people do not mind waiting a few minutes while they get another guide. Some schools will allow you to do your own walking tour at your own pace.</p>

<p>As far as info packs are concerned, if they run out, they will mail you one if you request it.</p>

<p>I have been part of registered groups, large groups and have straggled in. the texting, the stupid questions, parents prodding and being more interested than the kids are just par for the course.</p>

<p>as far as the packets they give out, other than the slick folder (which can be purchased at the book store) there is nothing in the folder that cannot be found on the school's website (less stuff to clean out of your car). You can ask the person leading the info session for his/her business card and have any and everything you need mailed to you at a later date.</p>

<p>"at these ivies the kids are expected to do alot on their own...</p>

<p>it they can't freaking register----in advance--and then just show up--its quite an entitled attitude...."</p>

<p>Not at all. There are many colleges that don't require registration. There also are many people who spontaneously take tours while passing through a town.</p>

<p>Even though accommodating everyone can lead to huge numbers, I think it's better for colleges to accommodate all than to turn away people who may never have another chance to see the college.</p>

<p>^^ When you are in town for one day--and there is one am general tour and one pm engineering tour--there is no "grabbing a bite" or doing it another day...</p>

<p>and when there are some 500+ people tour grous were almost 50 ppl per group....</p>

<p>and the ones who didn't register/plan should have to go make other arrangements--not the parents who planned/traveled etc...</p>

<p>we had a great time but my point is there are tons of selfish arrogant people who seem to think the workd revolves around them....and they ask stupid questions what about AP credit.....geez...</p>

<p>I've done a lot of school tours over the years and by and far the ones that are cattle calls leave the worst impression about the school. Any admissions department that does that poor of a job of planning capacity (very predictable year-to-year) so you can't have enough small tour groups does a great disservice to the university.</p>

<p>I can appreciate the OP's complaint about the crowded tours, but I think the anger is misdirected.</p>

<p>These schools need to hire a few more work-study students as tour guides during peak season.</p>

<p>^^^ and colleges plan based on attendance with.....registrations?

<p>^^^ Multiply registrations * 1.5 to calculate actual attendance.

<p>I agree it's rude to show up without registering, but I have to put the blame on the college for not turning them away. I would let the college know that they made a horrible impression because they couldn't control their tours.</p>

I heard from a mom who said they were registered for a tour at a nearby university--they arrived (early/on time) to find out they were shut out of the tour because of so many unexpected students/parents! The mom had registered for the student to tour back in January!

Please do tell us which university would treat registered people so rudely!</p>

<p>Several of the colleges we toured explicitly said on the website just to show up. </p>

<p>We are driving back from Kenyon as I post. We skipped a tour of another college earlier that day and showed up at K an hour early. We asked if we could join the 1:10 tour instead of the 2:10 we were registered for. The lady said sure and had us join. It was still a manageable size (about 5 students including our 2). We could have cooled our heels but if we showed up early and asked, not sure of the problem. </p>

<p>Not everyone is as sophisticated about college search aa we are on cc. I think students/parents are entitled to ask any question they like (politely of course). H asks some questions that D wants to know but won't ask herself about quiet dorms, single sex bathrooms etc. He can do it under the guise of overprotective dad and she doesn't have to lose face.</p>

<p>Hi, Pizzagirl. Can't wait to hear about your college visits.</p>

<p>Anyway, our absolute worst tour was the one that didn't even TAKE reservations. And it was President's Day. Way too many students, family members, etc. D and I made an effort to be up near the front so we could actually get information from the tour guide. Not sure what the people in back ended up getting out of it.</p>

<p>Such a bad impression. D didn't even apply.</p>