PG year at top school

I have a high school senior. We are considering a PG year. He is a good student 4.0 weighted GPA at a top public MA high school in all honors classes and a strong soccer player, 4 year varsity and also club player. I do realize that the academic rigor is not the same in public schools as in prep schools.
I think he would benefit from the additional year academically and to develop soccer. I would like him to develop better study skills and habits and he could also work on the soccer. He did not do much to pursue college soccer this past year and now is regretting it. He got one d3 offer to play but was not interested as it was a lower tier academically than he is aiming for. He has applied EA to a few colleges but if he could get into a strong PG program it might be worth considering. How difficult are the top schools to get into for the PG year? Deerfield, Lawrenceville, Choate, etc. Thank you!

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If he is really strong at his sport, you should contact the coach and share ….many students choose this route for a PG year to gain maturity, study skills, independence being in BS, and to get an extra year of athletics. Be prepared, however, that the PG year is very popular - and there are many applicants for limited places.

You might also want to look at more schools.


Thank you very much!

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My son attending a boarding school which offered a PG year. Typically they were students who needed an extra year to grow/mature in their sport. Often they already had verbal offers lined up before the PG year even started. Also there were a handful of PGs who did it for extra prep for college.

The PG year is very expensive. You might consider instead sending him to a community college for a year. That would allow him to mature, but still transfer the credits later. PG year credits will not transfer to college (unless he takes APs).

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I think it’s a good idea however I’m not familiar with how competitive the application process is…I speak from a parent perspective and I’m considering the same thing for my son. My daughter attended BS and I know some PGs who had a great experience. My son wants to stay in his public high school and continue on his club team but he is a summer birthday and has a lot of maturing to do academically and physically. The community college idea could work if he had a club team to train with and showcase. In this situation, it would be a gap year and he would be home. I think I prefer the structure of the boarding school environment as a stepping stone to the independence one will acquire at college. (and the coaching/team ready made)