Philip Glass the only living genius???

<p>...possibly with Gore Vidal??</p>

<p>Someone please enlighten me and prove me wrong</p>

<p>What makes you think this?</p>

<p>It's a feeling, y'know</p>

<p>I suppose there are ingenious popular musicians out there, but, for example, when I see a painting by an artistic genius like Velazquez or Botticelli, one can see that spark; the same when one reads the works of a literary genius like Milton or Joyce</p>

<p>You don't really get an idea that that exists anymore, but I know it ought to/does, and nobody I know has heard about it and made it well known</p>

<p>So, this is more of a subjective genius?</p>

<p>Love Phillip Glass but Arvo Part also a genius in that sense of the word. One can truly feel inspiration in his music.</p>

<p>Also 5 internet points to whoever answers the following trivia question.
What did Phillip Glass major in when he was in college?</p>


<p>I know he went to UChicago</p>

<p>Math and Philosophy double major. Close enough though.</p>

<p>Btw do look at Arvo Part, he is also amazing.</p>

<p>He seems to be the Eero Saarinen of classical music :b</p>

<p>^ How so?</p>

<p>Tsen Char</p>

<p>they are both Finnish and modern</p>

<p>except that I just found out that P</p>

<p>^ He's estonian and he's a tintinnabluar minimalist, look up "Fratres for Cello and Piano" on YouTube.</p>

<p>joe hisaishi </p>

<p>look him up on youtube</p>

<p>^ Film composer does not count.</p>

<p>Phillip Glass has composed in films.</p>

<p>Besides, Joe Hisaishi also does albums and orchestra stuff.</p>

<p>^ Koyaanisqatsi does not count as a film in that sense... Neither do the other qatsis for that matter.</p>

<p>And whats wrong with composing in films?</p>

<p>I almost popped a cap in something when I found out that William Faulkner became a Hollywood screenwriter, though that may be different than filmscoring as far as selling out is concerned</p>

<p>^^ Really nothing, what film composers do is exceptionally difficult because everything has to be done on to exact specirfications but as a result the music is often very cheesy and not as good. The best film music is when film is made to music not the other way around.</p>

<p>I see...</p>

<p>I still think Joe Hisaishi is a genius though. He DOES compose orchestra music out of movies and also composes piano solos. And much of his film music you can listen to alone.</p>

<p>Kinda random choice and suuuuuuper unjustified. What about the ****load of CERN ppl and Larry Summers?</p>