Phillips Exeter 2021/2022

In addition, I would say fin aid definitely does not hurt your chances of getting in! Exeter decides on financial aid separate from admissions, so you can get in and then decide whether the amount of financial aid you get is sufficient. Exeter is very lenient about financial aid and almost half of our student body has financial aid.

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Hi, I’m applying for Phillips Exeter Academy for 9th grade! My interview was okay-ish but the AO kept lagging in the interview and the questions weren’t very clear.

Hi! Do you think Exeter likes more unique essays, or do they prefer more academically-oriented ones? There are only two essays and for both of them, I wrote very “unique” essays. I’m worried if I write more unique essays (not really pertaining to anything about school), then it’s going to affect me negatively. I’ve read some essays by accepted students and they all seem to be more academic.
(p.s. (?) - One of my essays was on philosophy (How did a book, artwork, or concept change a way of how you view the world?) and another one was on So they’re definitely not the most… academic essays, and apparently writing about philosophy isn’t a good idea?)

Hi! I am applying to Phillips Exeter Academy ( PEA ) for 2021. I would love to chat with people who are applying as well! I’m currently in 9th grade and applying for 10th grade! Hope to chat with you!

I’m applying as well in 10th grade!

Hi @gymgirl006! I’m also applying for 10th grade! We can chat if you would like – good luck and hope everything goes well for you!