Physics or AP Environmental Science?

<p>I'm wondering on what I should take next year.
I'm going to be a junior next year, and I wanted to try out to take physics and if I were to like it, I could possibly take AP Physics my senior year. However, I also was wondering whether I should do APES as well. What should I pick?
APES Junior Year, and maybe AP Bio senior year?
Physics Junior Year, and maybe AP Physics senior year?</p>

<p>I'm just wondering--what's better? Physics or APES? :)</p>

<p>First of all...... by AP Physics, which Physics test do you mean? Physics B, Physics C Mechanics, or Physics C Electricity and Magnetism.</p>

<p>well, I'm not sure. It all depends if I like physics in the first place. I'm just wondering on what to take next year--Physics or APES.</p>

<p>I don't know.... As a freshman, I've planned my AP's already. I'm self-studying B next year. (Bio self-study on thinkwell) . I'm taking ES and Physics C Mechanics my Junior year with E and M self-study. If you want to be like me...sure. Also, do you want a 5? Are you better at math? I'd say Physics with and AP Physics regardless of whichever Physics you are taking is easier. Oh btw don't expect an answer... I gotta take a state test tomarrow.</p>

<p>AP Physics is generally regarded as much more rigorous than AP Environmental Science. I recommend that you try the physics course next year before deciding on your senior year course. You can still take AP Bio if you don't like physics for senior year. You really don't need APES before taking AP Bio so you should be fine if you go physics then AP Bio.</p>

<p>I had this exact same decision to make and I opted to go for Physics.
Colleges like to see Physics classes better than they like to see APES. Plus APES is too easy compared to even regular level Physics classes.</p>

<p>Even if APES is an AP class?</p>

<p>Yes. Physics usually still trumps APES even if it isn't AP Physics. It's the same with regular Calculus versus AP Stats. Calculus tends to look better no matter if it is AP or not against AP Stats.</p>

<p>Ok thanks. Would taking Physics AND APES in one year overload me?</p>

<p>Not if you enjoy the subjects.
In our school, freshman take Bio and juniors take Physics. However, my cousins who live in Delaware had to take Physics as a freshman and Bio as a junior.
The three sciences are very broad and the classes only cover specific aspects of the subject. As for APES, it is mostly common sense. I'm going to self study it outside of school and take regular Physics in school next year. You'll be fine.</p>

<p>You should be fine taking Physics and APES in one year. In my sophomore year, I took Enriched Biology and Enriched Physics in one year and it wasn't too bad. This year I'm taking AP Biology and AP Chemistry and it really isn't too bad because I truly enjoy the sciences. APES is usually pretty easy as a class typically (it depends on your school) so you could definitely handle it with physics in one year.</p>

<p>My decision, as of now, is to take Physics alongside Microbiology&Genetics and Pathology (each 1 sem each). Will this look good for schools such as U of Michigan?</p>