Pirates or Ninjas?

<p>Personally, I like pirates better. They have ships, cannons, rum, women and booty [both kinds ;)]. But I'm hoping this thread devolves into something fun once we've resolved that pirates are better.</p>

<p>There's an old facebook game you can play instead. Anyone know what I'm talking about?</p>


<p>Pirates by far. Since Johnny Depp hasn't played a ninja then they don't have any credibility in the world at all.</p>

<p>Ninjas. They're Asian.</p>

<p>^ This is weird...I saw your post before I posted mine, but mine's now post #4. Hmm.</p>

<p>I guess you just ninja'd me. Maybe they do have some cred...</p>

<p>^ Hull yeeuh.</p>

<p>ninjas...I am one.</p>

<p>Ninjas = Asian
Asian = Awesome</p>

<p>Therefore Ninjas = Awesome</p>

<p>Pirates = Crazy</p>

<p>Awesome > Crazy</p>

<p>Ninjas > Pirates</p>


<p>I am a Somali pirate.</p>

<p>"Pirates- because ninjas don't get wenches."</p>

<p>Pretty hard to argue with that logic.</p>

<p>ninja! anyone seen ninja glare video from nigahiga's youtube site? xP</p>

<p>I vote pirates :D</p>

<p>I like pirates but ninjas would win in a fight, being ninjas and all.</p>

<p>Ninjas hands down.</p>

<p>So far:</p>

<p>Ninjas - 6
Pirates - 5
Other - 1 (Zombie)</p>

<p>pirates have women and rum, therefore
pirates have fun
ninjas are mercenaries, therefore
ninjas need therapists</p>

<p>fun > therapy</p>

<p>pirates win</p>

<p>Pirates</a> win!!</p>

<p>The song originally came from LazyTown.</p>

<p>Ninjas - 6
Pirates - 7
Other - 1 (Zombie)</p>

<p>Just wanted to mention that the professional sports version of pirates (Pittsburgh) has not had a winning season since 1992.</p>

<p>Ninjas win.</p>