Pitt vs BU vs Georgia Tech for Business

Please help me choose! Not really sure which one I should go to. Each one would relatively cost the same, so price is not an issue.

My major is in Business so if any current students/alumni/parents could give me insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

I’ve toured Pitt (soon touring BU and GT). I LOVED Pitt’s campus, but feel like BU and GT are much better schools academically (and business-wise). But, BU and GT’s campus also looks nice online. However, I’ve always wanted to go to college in the North. For Pitt, I also got into their Honors program.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

GT is ranked the highest and since it’s business the name matters. It’s also a very quant-based program so that could be seen as a pro or a con.

If you want to go north, go to BU. Questrom is also a very good business school and if you have an urge to head north, go for it and don’t look back.


Thanks for the advice.

Did you get Pitt Honors or Pitt Business Honors?

S20 had a nice offer from Pitt ( we live here and I’m a grad). He ended-up at GT Scheller. He transferred into ISyE after first semester. Not by design. He just really liked the program. He was looking for a little more math with a business curriculum. You could minor in math from Scheller and be just fine.

Don’t know about BU but Boston is probably the best college experience going.

I would ask about each school’s plans for in-person classes. My son had a few in-person or hybrid classes but half were online. He’s doing OK but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend anything online at any school.

Thanks for the advice! And Pitt Honors but also looking to do Pitt Business Honors as well if I attend there.

If you have the stats for Honors you should be an auto admit for Business Honors. If you’re in the business school I think Business Honors > Honors.

No bad choices here. Find the best fit.

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Anyone else that can give me advice?

Did you visit BU or GT?

Are you fairly certain you want to major in business?

There’s no wrong choice here. All are well regarded business schools.

Boston is a great for the college experience but I’ve heard BU is a mixed bag. It seems like people like it or hate it. I don’t have any experience with BU.

GT probably has a little more national rep than Pitt or BU plus Atlanta and job growth in the south.

One drawback for Pitt from our search last year was Data Science/Analytics. The weren’t embedded in the business school. You had to jump through hoops if you wanted to go that route. Maybe changed this year? Pitt grad, living in Pittsburgh.

Thanks! Yeah I visited both BU and Pitt. I loved Boston as a city wayyy more but Pitt’s campus better. I’m also worried about BU’s grade inflation. But definitely majoring in Business (not sure concentration yet). Just don’t know what will be better in the long run for me.

Did you visit GT?

GT has a defined campus like Pitt with dorms, frats, classrooms, libraries, stadiums, etc. and is very close to downtown Atlanta. Sports similar to Pitt. Dorms are Ok. I’d rate them a B. The food is…disappointing but hopefully will improve next year when they bring it in-house. Business school kids typically live on east campus.

Atlanta the city is great. Lots to do like Boston. I’ve always enjoyed it. Son took his car. Might be a consideration if you have one and go there. Crime has been on the rise. It’s off-campus but close enough. That said, you have to be aware anywhere you go, not just Atlanta.

Visited it a couple of years ago but planning to go again soon. It’s been my goal to always try to go up North for college and go out of state (since I live near Atlanta), so I never really considered GT.

What is the COA for each school? Will you need loans for any of the schools? Would Pitt or BU cause financial issues for your parents…delay retirement, work more, etc.?

Is grad school, law school or MBA in the future?

I’m assuming GT is much, much cheaper unless you got significant merit/FA from Pitt or BU. If money is not an issue, then pick the best fit.

If money is a concern then go to GT and be thankful you have a world class university for a low cost. Save a $100k or more and experience the north with money in your pocket. Do an internship in the north. A degree from GT will NOT hinder your chances of landing a job in the north after graduation.

Recruiting is changing because of Covid but I would still assume that companies mostly recruit locally. If you go to Pitt, mostly Pittsburgh area companies will recruit there.

Pitt and BU will cost a little bit more, but nothing to worry about. All will require loans, but again cost is not an issue. But I definitely would like to spend the next 4 years in the cold weather more.

My plan is defintiely to get a Masters/MBA after. That’s when the grade deflation at BU worries me so that’s why I believe Pitt might be better, but I wish I could just fast forward and see which one would give me a better job with a higher salary. At Pitt, I’m also guaranteed a masters after getting my bachelors.

A Master’s degree can be a good addition, especially if you can specialize or complete an area that’s not quite developed in your undergraduate program.
However an MBA is useless straight out of college. Its only valuable if you have a few years of professional experience under your belt.

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Cost and debt are always an issue. It can be a noose around your neck. Imagine an extra car payment every month for 10-20 years. I think you can only take out $27k in loans over four years. The rest would require a co-signer. I’ve worked with people that had a lot of student loans. I had a new car and was buying a house while they were driving a beater and looking for roommates for an apartment. It also will impact your ability to return for your Masters degree or MBA.

Getting your MBA directly after undergrad isn’t worth it. Without relevant work experience, employers will basically view you as an undergrad.

Don’t pick a school based on grade deflation. Plan on going to school, studying, and competing for A’s.

You haven’t listed COA but I’m assuming GT is cheaper. If you have AP/IB/Dual enrollment credits you could graduate in 3 years with a business degree. I also imagine that a GT business degree > Pitt or BU. Go to GT and knock it out. Then go north with minimal debt for a job. In 10 years you’ll be grateful. Good luck.

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What’s your parents’ budget out of pocket (from savings and current income)?

If you calculate
(tuition, fees, room, board) - (grants, scholarships) =$…
what’s the result for BU? For Pitt?

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If you’re taking out loans, then cost IS an issue. It’s like showing a 20k, 50k, and 80k car and asking, “Which one has the better steering wheel?” The real question is which one is in your price range? My answer…go to the one that gives you the least amount of debt.


Thanks guys for the advice! GT and Pitt (with scholarships) will actually cost around 13k while BU is 16k. So not much of a big difference.

Since GT and Pitt will cost the same and you want to go “up North”, Pitt wins.
Then, how would you pay the difference between Pitt and BU? If you have the money in savings due to your part time job, great! Choose your favorite. If you would need loans, choose Pitt.


It sounds like Tech is last on your list and costs the same as Pitt so I would cross that off. I am a sucker for Boston so between Pitt and BU I would probably choose BU for the few thousand extra that it would cost. However I’ve never been to BUs campus (or Pitt for that mattter although I visited CMU).

Even though you said you liked Pitt’s campus better, Boston is definitely a better city than Pittsburg and there are so many colleges there that I imagine it’s a fun place to go to school. I don’t think one is dramatically better than the other for job placement. If you want to be in the Northeast you might be better off at one of the more northern schools as far as internships and jobs go. I’m sure you can still get there from Georgia Tech, but interning locally is a huge thing and being able to do that in Boston would be awesome. I would think Boston would also have a more robust financial district than Pittsburgh

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