<p>Anyone hear from pitt yet? i think the decisions come out late march/early april for the med guarantee. Has anyone gotten interview for chancellor's yet?</p>

<p>No i haven't heard yet.. but i'm not holding out much hope for the med guarantee. They pick 5 out of 75 interviewed. Pretty slim chances.</p>

<p>for your guys interviews, did ms. wick tell u that the interview is not weighted much in the process, and that they look for the best of the best students mostly based on your stats and application?</p>

<p>that's what i was told when we spoke, and she only asked me like two questions, and did not ask why i was even interested in medicine.. made me feel like they couldn't get much out of the interview if they ask so little of the applicant..</p>

<p>but then one of my friends told me ms. wick said the interview IS weighted heavily and that he was asked the common q's "why medicine" and such... </p>

<p>how were your interviews?</p>

<p>How long is the Pittsburgh program?</p>

<p>four years after enrolling into pitt undergrad, you get your spot in med school opened up, so it's an 8 year program basically</p>

<p>i got into pitt..i heard from them last oct.
i'm going into pre-pharm program</p>

<p>i applied for the Pitt guaranteed med program too, and Ms. Wick told me the same thing- they only have 5 spots reserved for high school seniors in the med school. However, she did say, at least to me, that the interview weighs alot in the process, and that she writes up a summary after the interview for the committee who then decide from there. She asked me the why med type questions- what I was thinking about going into (what field), prospective major, etc., but it wasn't that intense, and only about 20 minutes or so. She told me that they are interviewing students until the end of March, and they will notify us in mid april.</p>

<p>i was there on the first day of interviews and Ms. Wick said that they interviewed until march 1st, which was also what the girl at the office said when I scheduled my interview. I think the interview should weigh alot since if it didn't there'd be no point in having it. But hopefully the decisions come sooner rather than later.</p>

<p>really? she told me until the end of march...
maybe she meant the regular med school applicants (not high school) though, I don't know
I had my interview on Feb 28th</p>

<p>The whole thing is slightly ridiculous.. only 5 picked out of 75.. so I asked her what happens if someone picked decides not to come... She said the spot is lost and not given to anyone else. So when 5 are picked and only 2 decide to come.. then only 2 are in the program. So stupid.</p>

<p>my interview was on feb 7, so it was a long time ago... now that i'm trying to recall my interview, i think i may have been asked why medicine and such, so perhaps my recollection was a little off in the previous post heh</p>

<p>Anyone know any news about this? I found out I didn't receive the chancellor's so it wouldn't be a shock either if I got rejected here since they take so few.</p>

<p>hey i have a question. if u guys got into the pitt program would you go? I mean i know it's a top 20 med school, but let's say you have other med choices, like drexel med & albany med & uconn med. does pitt override all of those? what about ivies?</p>

<p>oh and for u guys worried about the chancellor's, i know a girl who got rejected for it, but still got into the program.</p>

<p>we are notified in mid-april correct? so perhaps they'll mail them out the week of april 11?</p>

<p>Is there an MCAT requirement? Also, they need 3.7 GPA. Is that overall or sciences alone?</p>

<p>talked to a camp counselor i know from my governor's school that goes to pitt.. she has a 3.85 doing pre med and business.. . she said it isn't that hard to get a bove 3.7 and you still have time to have fun, party if you want, do clubs, etc. she did say some ppl fail to make the 3.7 but she REALLY thinks it's doable if you put the effort into it... she maintained a 4.0 her soph/jr. year and her freshmen and sr. year she slacked off</p>

<p>i think the 3.7 is overall cumulative... they give you a chance if you have trouble maintaining it but i think after a semester u can get kicked
.. not sure about mcat requirement.. i think it'd be lowor not required at all</p>

<p>Thanks for your helpful response! I assume that the college counselor is in the guaranteed program to the school of medicine. When I googled, I saw an short message saying that several students did not get high GPA. Don't know if it is true or not. I wonder why they have such a high GPA. This only let students avoid challenging courses.</p>

<p>Any thoughts on Pitt versus GW med school? I know Pitt is ranked higher for research but physicians I know think GW is good though it does not get ranked.</p>

<p>the counselor isn't part of the guaranteed program but had several indian friends who were, that's where she got the info from.. and she agreed taht I should avoid hard majors so I won't have a big difficulty maintaining a 3.7, this included chemistry and physics as many students take it and the curve's more harsh.. she suggested biology to me</p>

<p>the high gpa requirement is to ensure you keep up with your studies and to make sure you are definitely worth the seat that they are reserving for you in med school..</p>

<p>their program is mainly to attract the brightest students, not like HPME's or penn state's where their program was initiated to train physicians in case of a shortage.., so pitt doesn't have a reason to only have a low 3.2 or 3.3 gpa requirement and let students relax</p>

<p>does anybody know the exact notification date for this program?</p>

<p>I got in...I got an email today from Ms. Wick saying that they were mailing out the letters today.</p>

<p>Man, now I don't know where to go! Pitt or Miami...any suggestions? Pitt is ranked higher in both reserach and primary care, and is overall a better school, but I don't like Pittsburgh that much, and Miami would save me one year. What do you guys think?</p>