Pitzer College Class Of 2023 ED 1 Thread

Hey everyone the deadline has officially passed and we get our admission decisions on December 18th! This is a thread for us to meet each other and discuss Pitzer.

My son applied ED1. Fingers crossed! Good luck to everyone.

Thanks! What state are you guys applying from?

Oregon. How about you?

Michigan, do you know when the Decisions will be out? I know our portals will be updated on the 18th but will the acceptance also be mailed that day?

Just looking at the threads from last year, it looks like they updated the portals on the 15th and maybe mailed later?

CT for my son.

I wonder how many students applied ED1 this year. This thread is really short

I applied ED1 and I’m from Maryland. I’m anxious to see my decision, and I have a gut feeling that I’m either going to get instantly denied or deferred. This is my dream school though, and I’ve put a lot of effort into my application, even flying out this past august to have my interview and tour. Wishing the best for all of you <3

Hey! Don’t feel that’s way! Why do you think that? Did your interview go well ?

i’m from socal! im super anxious for decisions to be released. what are everyone’s stats here?

My interview went well, I also had an admissions rep come to my school and I got to have basically a 1 on 1 session. I think I’m mostly just anxious about how low the acceptance rate is, but even if I don’t get in I’ll keep a positive outlook. :,)

I’m from socal :slight_smile: and does anyone know if they’re going to release decisions early this year??

In the pas years have they been released early?

@iheartcollege2 yeah the previous threads and their ig from past years show that they have released it on the 15th before.

Apparently, last year the website said ED1 decisions would be released on Monday 12/18, but they actually came out on Friday 12/15, so it’s possible they will post as early as this Friday.

I believe the 15th is more reasonable, because all the other 4 Claremont schools ED1 notifications on the 15th also, so maybe Saturday?

Any estimation of how many students applied ED 1?

Here’s where you can find the common data sets, which will tell you how many applied ED1 and 2 the past few years. It seems that the ED acceptance rate has been around 30% Not sure if there is a difference between ED1 and ED2?


Here’s some info from last year: https://tsl.news/news7540/