Pitzer College Class of 2024 Early Decision 1 ED1 Applicants

heya! i saw a similar thread for the class of 2023, so i though it might be nice to start one for this year’s ED1 applicants to Pitzer. this way we can all suffer through the waiting period together. i’m an international student applying for a lot of financial aid so i know my chances are pretty low no matter what, but still oh well here i am. good luck to everyone!

Do you know when and how they let applicants know if they get in?

december 18, i believe in the afternoon and they’ll email you

How do you know that?

their website says december 18, and last year they sent out decisions in the afternoon so i’m assuming they’ll do the same this year

Yeah I’m really scared. I hate this waiting process.

same haha, honestly the waiting is by far the worst part imo :frowning: lmao

My college counselors said that they will email us about two days before releasing the decision to say exactly when it will be released! I am so, so scared, but I hope that we can all get in!

hey after stalking the pomona ed1 thread ( https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/pomona-college/2163953-pomona-college-class-of-2024-applicants-thread.html ) it looks like some ~conspiracies~ are going around that ed1 decisions for pomona will be released TODAY. if thats true, then maybe pitzer’s will be too, seeing how the 5Cs usually always post notifications all together.

Pomona said that their decisions could potentially be released this Friday on their IG. But, Pitzer never sent us an email saying decisions were coming out this week and their IG never had a countdown or anything. In the past, they’ve posted a couple hours before decisions released, so I don’t think it’s happening today :frowning:

I was thinking somewhere between the 13th and 16th… Historically, they’ve released decisions the Friday before the 18th. Last year’s 18th was a Tuesday and they released on the 14th. Since the 18th is Wednesday this year, they could do the 13th, but the 14th is also a possibility.

I’m scared, but I’m really excited to see my decision. Gl everyone :slight_smile:

@chantillycake1 yeah, that makes sense, thanks! it was just a thought. im placing my bets on the 13th too :wink: GL!

Decisions are out.

Any one get in?

I Just Got In! Did anyone else

Daughter got in!

Yes. DS got in!

Son got in

I was deferred. Does Pitzer defer most ED applicants? What does that deferral truly mean?

If the school feels that you application isn’t competitive, then it’s possible to receive a rejection at the ED/EA stage of the process. That being said, most applicants who do not qualify for EA/ED are deferred rather than rejected

On Pitzer’s Admission Unpeeled page, they wrote that they don’t defer many ED applicants, though that page is 5 years ago.