PLAN Produced Parental Panic

<p>DC's school administered the PLAN last week; DC is a sophomore. The school says they'll use the scores to glean information on students' strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps so. This being the first of DCs succession of standardized testings for college (additional complication: DC is LD and will require accommodations for testing that I've learned may be most difficult to obtain from the College Board), I became alarmed that I've been comfortably dozing regarding planning for college entry.
How much help--and I realize that this is too general, nonetheless--do BSs College Offices provide to their students? The question amounts to, in short: As a parent, how much involvement will I have in DCs college planning? I hope you fellow CCs will advise on your experience in balancing school input and testing with parental involvement.</p>

<p>As a sophomore your DC is still ok in terms of obtaining accommodations. If he/she is LD then supposedly she/he already has accommodations in BS? In that case you are set - just check in with your guidance to find out what paperwork is needed. If he/she do not have accommodations in BS, then you need to jump through hoops getting DC tested, to make sure DC needs it. In terms of how much involvement - every school is different. Every family is different. Listen to what the GCs tell you, if you feel you trust them, follow directions, but of course, use your own understanding.</p>

<p>erlanger started a thread called “Remote College Counseloring” that hits the general topic of BS support/interaction throughout the college admission process. I’ll bump it for you. It may also be a good place to find parents immersed (or with experience) in the process who can address the questions you have about accommodations for testing…and more.</p>