Planning ahead; need a few answers!

<p>Hi! I am a sophomore in a new high school this year. I'm trying to devise a course plan, with several AP classes, to follow for the rest of my high school career and would love a couple of clarifying answers!</p>

<p>1) What are the prerequisites for AP Spanish Language? My old school offered Spanish 1, Spanish 2, and Spanish 3. My new school offers Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-4, and Spanish 5-6. Do the classes correlate respectively (Spanish 1 = Spanish 1-2, etc.)? I have taken Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 (1 semester each) at my old school and am going to try get in Spanish 5-6. Is Spanish 5-6 equivalent to Spanish 3? How about AP Spanish Language? Would it be possible for me to take AP Spanish and pass? I read online that AP Spanish is similar to Spanish 5-6.</p>

<p>2) I am currently enrolled in an average pre-calc class called Math Analysis/Trig. I would like to take AP Calculus as a junior next year. Would AP Calculus AB or BC suit me better? What would follow AP Calc?</p>

<p>3) What follows AP US History? I would like to take APUSH as a junior next year. I'm currently in AP World History.</p>

<p>4) What should I take after a basic Biology class? Should I jump straight into an AP class, or wait until my senior year? I am aware that chemistry usually follows biology, but should I take AP Chem or some kind of honors chemistry class?</p>

<p>Thanks for any answers in advance!</p>

<p>1) Each school is different. Usually, you want about 4 years of Spanish before entering AP Spanish (which would be your 5th year), but some schools may allow you to take it after only 3 years if you’re an advanced learner or native speaker. The numbering really doesn’t matter, as long as you have 3 to 4 years of Spanish already.</p>

<p>2) If you are a sophomore in precalculus then that means you are a very gifted math student. I would highly recommend AP Calculus BC. </p>

<p>3) There really isn’t a “sequence” for history/social studies classes - you can take whatever you want. Government and economics are usually the most popular choices for senior year social studies courses.</p>

<p>4) Again, it’s really up to you. If you are smart and ready for a challenge, you can try to jump into AP Biology for your sophomore year after regular biology. As for AP Chemistry, it’s usually highly recommended you take regular or honors chemistry before going into the AP level. Physics is also an option for the sciences.</p>

<li><p>Yup, depends on the school. Do what people near your rank do, because people often skip years of language, most often 1 year and some do 2. You can skip 1, 2, or even 3 years if you’re not a native speaker–your choice (a former valedictorian took both AP Spanish and French and skipped all the way to AP before any other classes and is not a native speaker in either… Obviously highest GPA in school history)</p></li>
<li><p>If you’re a GPA insanist, you can do both AB and BC to get more points. Same with honors science course and AP at your school. They’re fun courses to learn if you problem solving and figuring things out on your own =)</p></li>
<li><p>As the above poster said, Gov/Econ, other social sciences such as AP Euro or Art History</p></li>
<li><p>Depends on if you can max your schedule with honors and AP courses to abuse the GPA boost. :stuck_out_tongue: Skip to AP if you can max it without the honors class. You’re lucky to have the honors option.</p></li>