Planning for #2

<p>Now that number 1 is almost settled I'm thinking about the next son. anyone have suggestion that have striong football teams? Not looking for any top schools.</p>

<p>Forgot from master list where son #1 is going--what grade is son #2 currently finishing? You may wish to have them close geographically.</p>

<p>Son #1 is going to NMH. Son #2 is going to be in 8th grade next year. We started the process on the late side last year and I want to start early. He's very social, athletic (football and lax) and at this point it appears that he is going to be on the taller side. </p>

<p>He hasn't taken SSat's yet, but I would not expect very high scores after seeing how competetive the kids are. I think that Trinity Pawling would be perfect but he wants co-ed.</p>

<p>Have him take the SSAT's early for practice.</p>

<p>Deerfield actually has a good football program and I guess, lax, too. I know football is good, though. They are of course, competitive in admissions, but if your son can do a fairly decent job on SSAT's and has the grades, extracurriculars (strength in his chosen sport is a nice ec for these schools), then he vie for a spot. Right down the road from NMH!</p>

<p>See if you can get him to go for a visit to T-P. Or at least read the view book. They do the best job of all the boys schools of relating to the BOYS why and all-boys school is good. It made a huge difference to my son reading the T-P info. </p>

<p>It would be nice to have them close to each other...I don't know what kind of football program Cushing has but that might be a thought - it's not too far from NMH, but it IS further away from you.</p>

<p>Ironic that my son #1 is going to Deerfield and I was thinking that son #2 who loves football and lax, but more laid back might go to NMH. I loved the lax coaches at NMH but my older son prefers the more formal atmosphere of Deerfield. My husband and son saw a Deerfield football game which illustrated amazing school spirit even though they lost. However, if you end up liking NMH, it might work for son#2 also, unless he is very intense, persistent, and hypercompetitive like my older one.</p>

<p>i saw lawrence academy against saint paul's last november. they were impressive and got to championship game in class c but lost to kimball union. their ssat is lower than some of the other schools in its ISL league. lawrence or kimball might be worth looking at.</p>

<p>nhfootballer - what's in your future come september?
i know football is definitely important to you</p>

<p>creative, i do not know yet. mulling over three schools right now.</p>

<p>Not sure if son#2 could get into NMH but it is a thought. (Definitely not into Deerfield) I've heard that Kimball Union has a good program.</p>

<p>KUA might be a good choice. Excellent football from what I could tell on our visit. We were impressed with the school.</p>