Played Out Songs

<p>Which songs are played out? </p>

<p>Copy and paste the list, then continue it!</p>

<li>Usher and Alicia Keys - My Boo</li>
<li>50 Cent - Candy Shop</li>

<p>that friggin keane song, or whatever nonsense it is called</p>

<p>That dumbass Usher song that tlaktan mentioned was played out before it was even played. I agree that every 50 cent song is played out. Can that guy pull a Tupac already? Hopefully the tenth time will count.</p>

<p>harsh .</p>

<p>I hear the same songs everytime I work at IMPE. The Daughters song by John Mayer and He Will Be Loved or actually anything by that group who's name has just escaped me. I like them until I heard it a 1000 times. I dunno their are too many that are overplayed.</p>

<p>Sadly, Blvd. of Broken Dreams by Green Day is becoming way too overplayed. I really liked it too before I heard it every other minute.</p>

<p>daughters-john mayer
mr brightside-the killers</p>

<p>hey, i like mr. brightside! but i must agree that blvd. of broken dreams is soo overplayed. and so is 'sunday morning' by maroon five (the group that illinijbravoecho could not think of).</p>

<p>it's kind of interesting that i've never heard a number of these songs...</p>

<p>Daughters-John Mayer
Break Away- Kelly Clarkson<---- should be banned
Since You've Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson</p>

<p>That Keane song and that Usher song....</p>

<p>EVERY Maroon 5 song thats ever been played on the radio, basically</p>

<p>Going crazy by Natalie
And 1,2 step by Ciara
And that Boulevard of Broken Dreams song too</p>

<p>I don't listen to the radio much but whenever I'm with my friends in the car that Rich Girl song by Gwen Stefani comes on ALL THE TIME!!!</p>

<p>no es amor should be played no more</p>

<p>Oh yeah anything by Avril.</p>

<p>USNA_Reject: Hey, I happen to like that Frankie J song in particular. You should hear the ones by Aventura (the original bachata group who produced the song that Frankie J ripped off of..) it's kinda better.. there are two versions.. one's in Spanish, the other one's in Spanglish.</p>

<p>yes greenday! I used to like greenday but now, i'm so put off because of their new songs - american idiot, holiday, b of brokn dreams - getting played like 1 million ***ng time everywhere.</p>

<p>the gwen stephanie - that rich girl song.
anything by usher and pharell and snoopdogg just irks me off.
and that twista feat someone? ummm faith heavens or something? man i hate that song. ohh and that one who does pimp my ride <--- that one got overplayed quite a while ago</p>

<p>I don't think the Rich Girl song is overplayed I just can't stand it. But I hate it so much that I was inclined to put it.</p>

<p>Nelly- Hot in Here</p>

<p>Talking about spanish songs, there is this one song I heard on the TV today, and I thought it sounded pretty good! It's called ♪La Camisa Negra♪ by Juanes. Has anyone heard it?</p>

<p>yeah. juanes is awesome. you should listen to his last cd "un dia normal" (a normal day). its really good. his new one is "mi sangre" (my blood). juanes is a great artist. he's like a pop-rock type of guy minus the gayness of most pop-rock artists.</p>

<p>anyway "Hot in Here" was played out a couple years ago, but its not really played at all now. and if it is, you need to listen to another station.</p>

<p>"candy shop" 50 cent..though great to dance to
"this is how we do" the game ft 50 cent
"obsession" frankie j
"boulevard of broken dreams" green day
"some cut" trillville.. but great to dance to
"gasolina" daddy yankee..also great to dance to
any song with lil john......
"goodies" ciara...and great to dance to
" 1 2" step" ciara...still great to dance to
"toy soldier" eminem..god he sucks</p>