Playing for a team for IVY League school

<p>Hi does anyone know whether its possible for an international student to become a part of a ivy league sport team ( Top national player) with a high GPA yet average SAT ( 1500 ).</p>

<p>1500 out of 2400?
I think Ivy school's look for at least a 700 in each section (Math/Writing/Critical Reading) of the SAT's. Unless you are a stellar athlete, have other things going for you like amazing EC's and superb essay's..then maaaaybe they may over look that SAT score.</p>

<p>Have you contacted or been contacted by a coach at an Ivy League school or been scouted? Or do you want to try out for a sports team after being accepted?</p>

<p>1500 out of 2400 or out of 1600?</p>