Please Chance Me???

<p>I am currently a junior at a highly regarded american school in the middle east, and I am looking to major in mathematics.</p>

<p>Here are my stats/qualities:</p>

<p>GPA:3.822 after 10th grade, bound to go up because of 2 APs this year and 3/4 the next year
Class Rank: 10 of 116
Very rigorous course load</p>

<p>SAT1: taking it in January, expecting a 1900 first time, will aim for a 2150 the second time after doing some intensive preparation
SAT2's: taking math2 at the end of this year, aiming for a 750+, will take biology in October of senior year(next year), aiming for a 700+</p>

This year: Stats and Econ this year (expecting a 5 on stats and maybe a 4 and a 5 on macro and micro)
Next Year: English (4), Cal A/B (5), Physics B (4/5), Biology (4)</p>

<p>Next years AP scores won't really matter since I will be applying ED.</p>

<p>OH and I also have a question.. Does UVA require an official AP score report when we apply? Or can we just send our scores to them after their decision (for placement)</p>

<p>ECs and others:
MUN: 9, 10, 11, 12; participated in numerous regional conferences
Pakistani Society Debate Organizer
National cricket team (traveled to a few places, and hosted a tournament ourselves; appeared in the local newspaper for being chosen for the national team; i was going to be the captain for our last tour, but i was unfortunately injured a week or so before the selections, so that hurt me quite a bit)
Cricket Club: 6 years; competition with other clubs throughout the nation, recognition for being the best under 15 batsman in the nation; led our team to 3 championships and was the captain for 2 years
Basketball: 9, 10, 11, 12 (captain)
Softball (school doesn't offer real baseball for some reason):10 (MIP and vice captain), 11 (captain), 12 (captain)
NHS: 11, 12
Helped out at a Pakistani orphanage
Community clean-up in Toronto
Tutoring: 9, 11, 12
INJAZ (business organizations' competition):10, 11, 12
Forensics and Debate: 11, 12 (Recognition for excellence in the original oratory speeches)</p>

Worked at an accounting firm (Accountex) in New York
I have a great passion for iPhones/iPod touches and actually have an unofficial business in buying, selling, and FIXING these lovely little devices from Apple
Have tutored my little cousin for a long time now</p>

<p>This summer I am planning to go to Africa and do some development work. I hope that works out right because I have always wanted to go there and help the individuals residing in that part of the world.</p>

<p>I want to do a major in mathematics with a concentration in actuarial science.
I am a Pakistani/Canadian living in the Middle East
Does being young for your grade affect your chances in any way?(don't know if it will;the class of '10 is mostly born in 1992, while i was born in 1993).</p>


<p>You cant apply early to UVA anymore and AP scores are mostly used for placement</p>

<p>heh. heh. nice username.</p>

<p>the OP posted this all over the place so he forgot to take it out. If he didn't, then he's planning on applying to stanford and penn early too. I'm almost certain the OP will be applying to UPenn early. (doubt me? check his username.)</p>

<p>You can send the official AP score report after being accepted.</p>