Please don't be mean to me!

<p>Just seriously, I think I need help. My grades are really bad right now.</p>

<p>8th grade:
Alg 1 - C
Spanish 1 - A</p>

<p>9th grade:
Geom - B
Adv Eng - B
Adv World His - B
Bio - A
Spanish 2 - A
PE - A
Journalism - A</p>

<p>10th grade:
AP Euro - B
Newspaper - A
Adv Eng - A
Spanish 3 - A
Art 2 (skipped art 1) - A
Yoga - A
Alg 2 - c</p>

<p>I do really bad in Math, which i blame in part for a bad teacher in 8th grade as well as myself. I used to be really good at math tho, which is why I was accelerated to take it in 8th grade but I don't know what happened...</p>

<p>Should I load up on honors and ap classes next year? How can I prepare for trig, chem, and physics? Which are easy to self study? Any recommendations/advice?</p>

<p>PLEASE. my dream school is UCLA. My grades won't cut it tho. Please give me nice advice.</p>

<p>They will never see 8th Grade unless you go to weird school</p>

<p>You should take as many AP classes as you can handle. There are definitely very good schools out there - not UCLA maybe - that will take you knowing your are much better at English than math. Don't stress out</p>

<p>Lol. Please. Please. Please. go outside.</p>