Please help me with the survey!!

<p>Ok, so I am exempt from the placement test for english and math since I got a 25 on the act for both sections, so when I have the option to enroll in eng 133 and 134, should I leave it blank, or should I select 134(english isn't my 2nd language). What I mean is, are these two classes only required for people who DIDN'T place out of the english test?</p>

<p>Unless you have AP Credit in English, you will need to take all three English/Speech requirements.</p>

<p>thanks! so what happens if you don't pass the english placement test?</p>

<p>My daughter is still waiting for her AP English exam score (as is everyone). I'm not sure when it's available---maybe July? Does anyone know how that works regarding class schedules. Do the students report their scores as soon as they hear (if they qualify for the credit), so Cal Poly will schedule their English courses accordingly? </p>


<p>**momomom said:</p>

<p>Unless you have AP Credit in English, you will need to take all three English/Speech requirements**</p>

<p>On Jully 1, your daughter can call into the collegeboard for her AP score. This will cost her $8 per call. Otherwise, she can just wait until she received them in the mail, which will probably be in mid-July or a little later. You can call the collegeboard and ask them exactly what date they mail the scores. I talked to someone there a few days ago. Their number for AP tests is on their website.</p>

<p>I found CC posts that say AP results are mailed to west coast students first. In 2007 students in California received their scores on July 3 and last year, on July 6th. It was the students in the Northeast that didn't receive their scores until mid July. I think my son requested that his AP scores be sent to CP when he took the tests this year, but he thinks he has to request a score report anyway for the tests he took before this year.</p>