Please help!! Transfer D3 - D3

Hi everyone!! I am a track and field athlete at a D3 school, and I am looking to transfer to another D3 school where I wish to continue participating in track. I know that before I contact a coach from another school I must get a release form signed by the coach at my current school. HOWEVER, I don’t want my coach to dislike me for trying to transfer if it turns out I don’t get in and remain at this school. Am I still allowed to apply to transfer without my current coach’s consent as long as I don’t communicate with the coach form the other school? I was thinking I could apply, wait to hear if I’m accepted, then sit down and tell my current coach I’m transferring, and once I arrive on campus at my new school I could notify the new coach and join the new track team. I am fast enough that the new coach would probably give me a spot on his team in an instant. Is this strategy allowed per NCAA rules?


As a D3 athlete that wants to transfer to another D3 school, I believe you can self-release. Here’s a link to the form - but do some research to see if you have to jump through any other hoops before initiating contact.

You can always transfer. The issue is whether you can immediately participate in the sport at the new school. If you don’t follow procedures, you could have a 1 year waiting period.

I think honesty is best. If you want to transfer for academic, financial, family reasons, tell your coach. If you want to transfer for athletic reasons, you should tell your coach but it will be a lot rougher conversation.

Thank you for the help. So to be clear: as long as I don’t contact the new school’s athletic department then I don’t have to do a self-release? I can apply to transfer without talking to their athletic dept.

And thank you for telling me about the self-release form!

No, as a STUDENT you can transfer whenever you want. As an ATHLETE you need to make sure you are complying with ncaa rules if you want to complete immediately. Ask for the release or be sure you don’t need one.

According to the 2014-15 NCAA transfer guide (which you can download for free from the NCAA website)

“…if you are now in Division III, you may issue your own release (called a self-release) to allow another Division III school to contact you about transferring. The self-release applies only to transfer student-athletes from a Division III school to another Division III school. For a sample self-release, go to the Division III homepage at”

Here is a link to the NCAA Transfer Guide for 2013-14. It should answer all of your questions.