Please rate my chances ? :)?

<p>I'm applying to buffalo for fall-2012. Im applying as an international undergrad. here's a brief summary of my profile:
SAT math-680 CR-640 Writing-600
Unweighted GPA 74%
Cocuriculars- head of the school editorial board for 3 years, member of the writers club,
quiz club, eco club, social initiate club, play the keyboard, head of the debating club, national debater, member of the school football team, state tennis player
did an internship at a bank for a month
did various projects in school, earned a scholar blazer and tie.
Ive got pretty awesome Recommnedations from teachers too.</p>

<p>My only concern is the academic part. will the rest of my profile get me through? please help me out !</p>

<p>Which country are you from ?</p>

<p>I got in with an 1820 SAT. My weighted GPA was around a 4.9/5 so I think that you have a likely chance of getting in.</p>

<p>I'm from India..
Also please tell me more about the UB business school for majoring in finance?
How does it fare in comparison to Ohio state's fisher and Penn state's smeal ?</p>