Please report Covid test/dorm check-in experiences

I heard of one Facebook report that the entire process of Covid testing at Garage A and dorm check-in at Garage C took less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

Obviously, today is the first day of move-in, and probably very few people actually moving in, but please update this thread with your personal experiences at you go through the process.

We’re not looking for* “I heard”* or “People say” or “I read on FB.”

Looking for real, first-person experiences with the process.


D18’s roommates move in to Rosen tomorrow- they’ve been told there is no covid testing on Sunday at Rosen- they will have to test on Monday. They are not getting back instant results, but still, it seems UCF could have planned a little better.

This report is for Rosen Campus, not main campus.
No Covid test on Sunday at Rosen. Check in was quick. Two of the bedrooms were not locked and beds were not raised. D18’s room is locked. Apartment looks pretty clean, but we think that’s because the former people left it that way. It will not surprise me if I find dirt and trash when I move the furniture around- it has happened the last two years.

Great topic. I’m going this week to a drive and drop at Tufts. I officially move in early Sept. I will keep you posted.

As a parent, were you free to come and go – or are they being strict?

My impression was that we would be allowed dorm access the day of checkin only, and would just have to drop stuff off on subsequent days.

Second question – were your previous dirty-dorm experiences also at Rosen?

One of our daughter’s roommates is in marching band camp, so she moved in yesterday. We haven’t heard from her, but will post any updates. The others move in on 8/18, 8/20, and we move in 8/22.

Previous info was wrong. The roommate moved in yesterday (Monday). checkin was smooth and the apartment was perfect. All bedrooms were locked, so she could only open her own bedroom.

She sent pictures, but there is no way to post them here.

It was both Rosen and Neptune- Never once have her walls been painted- always paint missing and when we move things around we find all kinds of interesting things. We just make sure we note it on her move-in sheet. She just adds to the paint missing, it seems to happen no matter what we do!

When we moved out in May, there was no room check. We didn’t vacuum as carefully as I usually would, because I assumed they were doing a thorough cleaning. I doubt that ever happened because D’s roommate never moved out and was back living there a week later.

I did not hear of any restriction of parents. I know they were there well past the window as we expect to be as well. Most dorms have numerous entry points, I doubt anyone is manning them. I know Towers has a desk, but the elevators are prior. UCF is on the honor system- unless someone reports you, they won’t/don’t want to know.

Speaking of the honor system- there have already been people walking around the halls without masks. And apparently, self isolation means after you get your Covid test, you get on a plane!!! Yup D18 knows people who did that.

Moved D in today. The room looked good- the AC vent and return were the cleanest I have ever seen at UCF! So that was great. Looks like new fridge and microwave. Her roommates had cleaned on their own, but overall not bad. The cleaning people came in yesterday and sprayed stuff all over-not thrilled that they did that while the girls were in the apartment.

Never saw any official person from UCF- we might go back by on Saturday with groceries.

Good luck to everyone on move ins- hopefully you will not have rain!

Rosen, right?

@JamesInWeston Yes, Rosen. BTW roommates still haven’t gotten back test results, nor has D18.

Dropped my stuff in my dorm at Tufts…the place was spotless. My mother was ready to clean and chlorox my room…she couldn’t believe how clean everything was.

My son’s move-in Sunday (16th) 9:45am move-in was very smooth and quick, less than 30 minutes total for both stops. He’s on a 3rd floor in Lake Claire so nice workout (26 steps on my Fitbit) but it was done by 11am. Stopped by the bookstore on Monday (17th) around noon to pick up online textbook order; double-parking seemed to be okay at the time.

Also, his Lake Claire room was spotless. Command tape products work great on the glossy painted concrete block walls.

Thanks for the update. Question on books.

Did your son receive emails/syllabus, etc from his profs? Or did he find the required books somewhere online?

Our daughter has received nothing and we haven’t ordered anything yet.

Just used the the link in my.ucf (student self service|student records|enrollment|view my class schedule); the link says “Click here to order your textbooks now”. That takes you to the B&N website for UCF. Note: The data is not detailed, for example, in one class the listed text is actually accessed via the Webcourse page for the course–learned this when I received “order cancelled” email from B&N after a few days, giving the reason of “payment problem”(!!). I called and they explained that the textbook description had been updated after my order to note it did not need to be ordered for the reason above. They then cancelled my order for the item, but didn’t have anything applicable to put as the reason–so “payment problem” was their go-to excuse! They did apologize for the resulting confusion. A different textbook order was flagged (again, received an email) as “on hold” which to me could mean a variety of things. Another phone call and I learned it was out of stock and on order.

No syllabi received yet for any of his four courses.

So if the materials are accessed through the webcourse, is there NO CHARGE?

That is my understanding. For this course (MAC1114C) the textbook listing in B&N now says, in red: “These materials are included in your course. Go to class first.”

Ok. Thanks again! The bookstore site really doesn’t make many things very clear. A lot of nebulous verbiage that we’re apparently supposed to understand, lol.

We opted in for the textbook purchase plan, but they said 2 business days for a decision and it’s the Financial Aid office, so it will probably be 2 MONTHS. They are very unresponsive.

We were told to wait until after first class to get any textbooks. Professors will tell the kids what is needed and give them codes when applicable. In addition to the UCF bookstore, you can check rentals/purchases from Chegg, Amazon and Textbook Solutions (across street from campus) for prices.