Please suggest some good STEM Summer Programs

I’m looking to apply to some good summer programs with a STEM focus ( engineering/computer science/math). I am a junior and looking to do some research. Would love some advice. I am looking in the NY, NJ, and nearby areas but don’t mind applying to other states. That brings me to the questions - has anyone done any out of state summer programs? How far were you willing to go and how was your experience? Also, while I would love to apply to selective programs, I am also looking at some that will be easier to get through. TIA

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Purdue STEM is awesome. I’ve heard good things about Rose Hulmam Operation Catapult . I know when we looked Michigan Had a good one.

You can google some lists. If you can find one at a target school it good be good to get exposure. You also need to have other things of interest such as how long you want to spend, how much $$, etc.

You can check local or regional colleges to see what they offer but check reviews. Good luck.

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Thank you for the advice! This is very helpful:)

SSP, RMP, and SIP are good experiences, but imo they are a bit pricy, so I wouldn’t go unless you get a scholarship. Honestly, you might be better off working on your own project with a professor / another mentor. PM me for more specific advice!

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Take a look at Michigan Math and Science Scholars (MMSS). Back when my D attended over 5 years ago, it was moderately selective, and the quality of the program was good.

It also seems to serve as demonstrated interest for admission to Michigan, which IMO is the best public university in the country.

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Thank you! I will look into that.

You can check out this virtual global innovations opportunity:

[Open Classroom Experience] is a virtual global innovation program for outstanding youth to co-create with world-class founders from Southeast Asia, learn directly from Silicon Valley leaders WHILE building a venture from the ground up with peer co-founders.

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Thank you! Will check it out.

Also NJ gov school is good if you are from nj.

There are several math camps that you may heard of – Ross, Canada/US Math Camp etc.

PACT is the easiest to get into.
I assume all these are for next year


This is a great information. Thank you

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