pls tell is it worth preparing sat for me.

<p>ive just entered class 12.i got 90% in 8th 10 CGPA (9th and 10th).i have come to know about sat and other admission stuff tooo late.i also dont have any EC's like i see in other posts where people are asking to chance question is that if i work hard and manage to get VERY GOOD scores at sat&sat subject tests are there ANY chances to be at universities like yale,princeton etc.or is there any thing i can do in this 1 yr.pls guide me especially on EC it is WORTH PREPARING SAT for me.pls rply.carreer ka sawal hai.thnx in advance.</p>

<p>1)If SAT's are bothering you than just relax,because if u are not appearing for any other competetive examinations like (JEE,AIEEE,BITSAT) ,than a year is more than enough.
2)As far EC's are concerned u can't do anything great in a year, even if u do win some major awards that wont show ur depth as u need to be involved in a particular EC activity for years,thats what I believe adcoms look for.</p>

<p>So according to me -
1)Work hard ,give ur SAT's this May aim for 2250+.
2)Introspect urself, and find the thingu are really passionate about
and dedicate ur whole 12th grade to that particular activity only
for e.g. if its engineering that interests u, try to undertake a research or build something innovative.
3)Navigate well through collegeconfidential forums,so that u can be well aware of the college applications and all other stuff.
4)Work on ur essays a lot.</p>

<p>192 views 1 reply! HOLY COW pls reply. mechrockz-thank you very much
in my city schools and most teachers are DUMB(sounds rude but is true).ive wasted a year and now i am leaving the city where i will be joining good coaching centers.i will be all alone and will study 13+ hrs a day.i think my teachers will sign the LOR and write whatever i want.but when i see other applicants EC's like national level playing etc.i think that it could be wasting time preparing for sat.should i focus all my energy towards jee or if i start preparing for sat from know im pretty confident that i will get very good scores.</p>

<p>pls reply</p>

<p>no harm in trying...the colleges you mentioned will be very hard to get into, but there are many other excellent options..especially if youre the science/engineering type.
Honestly i dont think you can really 'study' for the sat..cause the english portion isnt something you can read and just needs practice..
and yeah, maybe do some kind of research with a well known prof if you can...not much else i can tell you. Good luck!</p>

<p>I think the last two paragraphs of my advice here can apply to your situation:</p>

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<p>Preparing for sat is easy. If you can prep for IIT, I'd say SAT would be 1/10th of IIT prep. SAT Subjects are cakewalk too. But it would be really difficult to involve in ECs in one year; you should be involved since class 9. Well, just my two cents.</p>