Poetry Out Loud

<p>Anyone here ever done this?</p>

<p>I know you have :).</p>

<p>I'm a senior and have done it since freshman year. Last year I went to state finals! It was my topic of extra curricular essay on common app</p>

<p>^How was that experience? The whole thing seems interesting.</p>

<p>@enfieldacademy Creepy.... do I know you?
@johring that's really cool any tips on searching for a poem...there are SO MANY!</p>

<p>@ZombieDante Well, I search for poems that look interesting. I ALWAYS prefer to do a poem without a rhyme scheme so that I don't get trapped by the rhythm of the rhyme...</p>

<p>First I memorize the poem, then WORK on the performance aspect. You have to add emotion to the poem. I would recommend watching the videos on the website to get a better idea. If u PM me i can send u a vid of me doing one of my poems.</p>

<p>@ialan137 The experience was great! It is a little nerve-racking when reciting the first poem because it is the first time that you are on stage. If you are familiar with being on stage, then performing should not be a problem. When reciting, DO NOT be afraid to go for it. The more over the top it is, the better.</p>

<p>The people that you meet are really nice, but because everyone is so absorbed in focusing on their recitations, no one is uber social.</p>

<p>Also, dress nicely when performing. Presentation is one of the criteria you will be judged on.</p>

<p>I wish yall the best of luck!!! If you have any more questions, you can totally PM me.</p>

<p>we do it every year in our english classes (for a grade), and then the best go on to the school wide competition, and up from there. make sure you clearly understand what your poem is about</p>

<p>It sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I'll do it this year...</p>

<p>They have it at my school.</p>

<p>Searching for a poem on they're website is like impossible though! They aren't sorted by them or anything and there are just so many of them...</p>

<p>@ZombieDante: I know! I'm probably going to try poetry out loud this year, and I have yet to email the person at my school who is coordinating this my selection of poems I want to read.. there are a ton on the site.</p>

<p>I did it last year and it was really fun. I decided not to try out this year because I was so busy with applications, but I went to see my sister audition and realized how much I regretted not doing it this year, especially since it was my last chance :(. For everyone who has a chance to participate, do it because it can be a really great experience!</p>

<p>Ugh I guess I'll start preparing today.</p>