Point Park University

<p>I am a junior in high school. I have been dancing since I was five years old and I plan to pursue dancing as a career. I am looking at colleges with reputable dance programs and right now Point Park is at the top of my list. I have been accepted to the Summer Dance Intensive there and I will be attending it in June. I'd love to attend this school after high school and I would like to know more about the program. How difficult is it to get in? What is the audition process like? How many professional dancers come out of the program? Any details are appreciated!</p>

My daughter did the summer program. Its awsome. The audition is intense. I believe you do a ballet, jazz and modern class. No solo. It is very difficult to get into. I would look into schools that you think you could get into without problems as back ups. Alot of really good dancers do not get in. Their mantra is that they want you to have a job before you get out of school. Alot of kids do not finish there. They get a job before they graduate. My dd was going to audition there but got into Shenandoah Conservatory on scholarship and is a Freshman there. Good Luck and have fun this summer.</p>

<p>My daugher will be a senior dance major next at PPU. She is a modern major, which is by far the smallest program of the three dance areas. When she auditioned she asked to be considered for any area. She was accepted into Ballet and modern, not the jazz program. I assume from your name you are interested in jazz. It is my understanding this is the most competitive of the three dance areas to get into so if you are really interested in the school you may want to accept in any dance area. My D had very little jazz prior to college, so not getting accepted in jazz was not a surprise.</p>

<p>My D also auditioned for and was accepted at Shenandoah. In the end between academic and dance scholarships and grants the two schools ended up being very close to the same cost wise for us. DD liked being in city which was a real deciding factor for her.</p>