Political Ads

There are anti-Biden political ads from American Century Pac showing on both the top and side of College Confidential pages for me.

No other place I visit on the Internet is showing me political ads. Not a one.

What is up here?


@ah, as per our internal policy, political ads are not allowed on College Confidential. Advertiser will often times scheme the system and manage to push those through. In order for us to isolate the source, please send me a screenshot at admin@collegeconfidential.com. Thanks!

Thanks for your response.

I don’t know how to take a screenshot.

@alh, on a Mac you need to simultaneously press Shift + Command + 3. On Windows you can press the PrtScn key.

Apologies. I should have said I’m not interested in figuring it out.

I’m taking the time to report the ad, and would hope that is adequate to take action. If not, at least you’re aware, if I’m the first to report.