Pomona 2024 Waitlist Thread

Didn’t see one; definitely my top choice, unfortunately wait-listed here.

Same here. Hoping to find out soon! I’m so nervous.

I guess I make three. Do you think pomona will see as much deferral as other schools?

Did anyone else get an email saying, " We will reach out with another update after May 1"

yeah, from my admissions representative though after i emailed him a couple days before May

Just got off the waitlist! AO called me 4:47 EST. Will be receiving update and FA within the next few days. Super excited!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Congrats! Are you in California? We visited Pomona and the different Claremont colleges last year, and they were gorgeous. In addition to the academics, nice context to spend 4 years of college.

Haha, quite the contrary: from Ohio!

Nevertheless, I have been watching plenty of tours and the campus certainly does look gorgeous, on top of the amazing academics, of course. Still waiting for my financial aid, but I’m confident that it will be a marked improvement from the current school I am committed to, and look forward to spending 4 years in Claremont!

Got off the waitlist today!

Congratss @wyntersauce and @ppstudies2024!! Would you guys mind sharing your stats? I would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Sure, @vpg06

White male, Ohio, Ehh Public HS

ACT- 34 (Best: 36E, 34M, 35R, 31S)
GPA- 4.411 W, 4.00 UW

Cross Country (3 years)-varsity Senior year, Track (2 years), President of NHS, VP of Math Honorary, Okay community service (probably could’ve been better), Speech and Debate Team (3 time National Qualifier, TOC Semifinalist), campaign volunteer for City Councilor, intern with School District Superintendent senior year, and finally I’m a cellist in the local youth orchestra (4 years).

6 AP classes (My school only has 6, so I took 2 Junior year and 4 this year-RIP) Got 5,5

I liked my supplements, but most important of course were my LOCI’s. Sent in two, one in eary April and the other about a week ago. Demonstrated how I still was able to participate in my extracurriculars online, how I continued my internship, and some of the awards I won. Tied this in to Pomona College and how I would fit in to their community and thrive in it. College counselor also called and Superintendent sent in an additonal letter of rec. It may have been a little excessive, but hey, I guess it worked!

Accepted: Pomona, OSU

Waitlisted: Vandy, Oberlin, Colby, UNC Chapel Hill, BU, Michigan

Denied: Harvard, Yale, Brown, Penn

Sorry if that was long, but if you have any questions, like about what I did since being waitlisted, lemme know :smile:

@ppstudies2024 Thank you!! That was very helpful.
I accepted the offer of the waitlist as soon as I got the letter, and I sent an email expressing my interest during the first few weeks of April. Do you think that’s enough?
Background on me:
International student from Venezuela, female.
SAT: 1470
GPA UW: 3.86 (there are no advanced classes at my school)
Valedictorian, Deputy of the environment at my school (lots of community service), won 2 silver medals at National Math Olympiads, won a gold medal at the National Chemistry Olympiad, worked as a tutor throughout high school.

Just got off of the waitlist!!! Super stoked!!! Was expecting a call all this time but got an email from AO in the morning instead. After replying that I’m still interested, got the portal update in the afternoon :smiley:

Got off the waitlist today! I got a call at 12:45 PST, portal hasn’t updated yet, but I was told that it will probably happen tomorrow!

I got off the waitlist yesterday too! Got a call around 3:25 central time. They said the portal would be updated today.

I am pissed I got rejected and I had the neccesary stats.

@happys Sorry to bother, but did you get rejected in RD or from the waitlist? I didn’t know you could get rejected from the waitlist

I had a 1320 sat and a 3.8 unweighted gpa, and I still got rejected, they didn;t even bother to wailist me

This thread is about Pomona College. You’re probably thinking of Cal Poly Pomona. Rest assured, you’re not the first to confuse them–we get quite used to it, though!

OO, super sorry I was thinking about Cal poly Pomona , I didn;t even apply to Pomona COllege good luck to everyone on the Waitlist!! You should be proud to even make it to the waitlist for this college