Pomona College Class of 2025 Applicants Thread

Starting new thread for Class of 2025 (those who will graduate HS as Class of 2021).

Hi :slight_smile: I’m defo gonna apply to Pomona '25

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Hey:) I’m a student from the UK and I’m also going to be applying to Pomona '25!

I am also applying to Pomona :)… Are the supplemental essays going to be the same as last year?

I believe they’re different this year… they posted the new prompts on their instagram recently! (@ pomonaadmissions)

Is anyone else not able to save their supplement option in common app when you click continue?

I am considering to apply ED to Pomona '25 :slight_smile:

I submitted my application yesterday. :slight_smile: Good luck to all of us, guys! :wink:

Submitted my app about a week ago! It was exciting. I am pretty sure they just announced that decisions will be available on the 6th, so definitely looking forward to that (pretty nervous haha). Good luck everyone!

On the 6th? Where did you see this date, please? That would definitely be better than the 15th.

The 6th is based on the last year’s ED result release date, you can check the relevant thread. I wouldn’t bet on the exact repeat this year for two reasons, the covid, and the fact that it’s not a Friday. We hope it will be the 4th but the 11th seems more realistic.

@ArtsyKidDad Yes, I saw that. However, as you suggested, the ED deadline was Nov 01 last year, so we should not expect decisions to come out so early this year.

Exciting! Any guesses when the decisions will come out this year?

I think @ArtsyKidDad pretty much nailed it as it being either the 4th or the 11th. As for what time to start clicking on your portal, in the past Pomona has released decisions at 5 pm PST.

Frankly, I believe sumik02 nailed it - due to their later start this year, I wouldn’t count on the 4th. I’m afraid that even the 11th is a bit optimistic, less than 4 weeks after the application deadline, while they took 5 weeks in 2019.

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Only two more days! This is nerve wracking

@Baron1898 Can you tell me how you know they are going to announce the ED1 decisions in 2 days? Despite my best efforts, I cannot find any information confirming it. Did you call them?

Nothing official, just guessing based on their previous years. I’ve been stalking their admissions social media but haven’t seen anything yet and I’m not sure if it would be rude or not to ask directly.

Rude? I think it is a little impolite of them to hold it so close to the chest, for so long. So many other colleges have been clear and precise about that, including their direct peers.

I’ve emailed them and they said they are currently reviewing all applicants and can’t say an exact date. I think it might not be this Friday.