Pomona College Class of 2025 Applicants Thread

I wrote about being gay in Colombia, about an organization and Artificial Intelligence app I have started to make education accessible throughout Latin America, about my volunteer work in foster homes and underserved children with cancer. I also made myself stand out with unique responses to the short questions creating connecting threads between the rest of my application with new, more lighthearted information.


You are brilliant and sound like a wonderful person with a big heart. Best of luck to you at Pomona!

haha i was waitlisted, was pretty bummed out at first since pomona was one of my top choices but other decisions helped :slight_smile: congrats to everyone tho!

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this was RD btw but now I’m wondering if I should have done ED II to get me over the edge haha it’s ok though

Dude you are seriously so cool! Your volunteer work and innovation is super impressive, big congrats on Pomona :slight_smile:

Your attitude and support of others is so terrific. I have zero doubt you will do great things not just in college but in life. Good luck!! Where do you think you will go?

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thank you! I’m currently choosing between Dartmouth, Vanderbilt and maybe UC Berkeley so it’s a scary time!

Fantastic choices. And very different from each other

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Did they send the personalized videos to ED admits or RD only?

Nothing for ED. RDs got personalized videos, some received succulents in the mail. Aside from the congratulations in the portal ED did not receive anything, including nothing in the mail. Some EDs are feeling a bit ghosted.

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