Pomona College Class of 2025 Applicants Thread

@Baron1898 Mixing these categories makes it almost impossible to tell the actual rate of ED. I’m not sure how they calculate Posse admission rate but if they just add the 20 people admitted that way to the ED totals, the rate for this subset would be 100%, and it would skew the whole statistics quite a bit. The same with QB. And they recruit some athletes (another close-to-100% admission rate ED group) so I would not be surprised if the ED admission rate for non-Posse, non-QB, non-Match, non-athletes turned out to be similar to RD.
It seems that the admission rate difference between genders (I saw 6% vs. 9% overall ) might be similar or larger than between ED and RD.

@Baron1898 Ha! I know exactly why the new CDS is not filled in correctly (have made the same goof myself). My notes say that there were 211 total EDs admitted out of 1496 applicants for a 14.1% rate, but that is skewed a bit by the 20 Posse and 17ish QBs. As @ArtsyKidDad notes, there is also a pretty good chunk of athletes in there as well (the 100% thing is a bit more nuanced). I’ve heard Pomona AOs emphatically state in public and private that they evaluate both ED rounds the same. I suspect Pomona’s ED/RD thing is again, a bit more nuanced. But yeah, for non-hooked applicants in either case the rate is pretty darn low.

Tough situation! Though a Pomona degree is worth its weight in gold.

It makes the degree a bit heavy but still manageable to carry around, at the current gold price it would be slightly over 5 kg or just over 11 lbs.

Yes yes - for sure. My son graduated (I think) the commencement was online, last year and now works from his apt in San Fran. Great company came to Pomona to hire him and have an in for Stanford MBA slots.

Pomona degrees open doors.


I hope for a similar happy ending, although Stanford MBA is unlikely - I just couldn’t resist the cheap jab at the absurdity of higher education cost.

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Hi! Any ideas/speculations about when ED2 decisions will come out? I have heard that it can be correlated with when ED1 came out, so if ED1 came out late ED2 will come out late etc.

Decisions will be out by February 15 for certain.

C/O 2024 ED1 came out on December 6, while C/O 2025 ED1 came out on December 15.
C/O 2024 ED2 came out on February 7, so it seems that this year it might come out around a week later (near the 15th).

If anyone needs additional motivations re. Pomona: they are sooo sweet to admitted students. When my D complimented their merch (a sweatshirt) on Instagram, they replied: “the merch is great but the person wearing it is so much greater.”