Pomona College Fall 2021 Transfer Waitlist

No worries

Hi there,
I have not heard back from Pomona. I committed to another school. Have you heard back from any schools and/or committed yet? @mikmikhouse

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Hey! I was admitted from the WL today! I want to let you all know that admissions is not done admitting from the WL. my AO told me this info so keep your hopes up and I hope I get to meet you guys there!


Hey! That’s great to hear :slight_smile: I’m glad that you are committed to USC! Yeah, I’m currently committed to Yale, but since I live in LA I would like to see Pomona’s financial aid letter :slight_smile:

Mad Congratulations!!! I’m glad that you are off the waitlist today! Hope we can all hear back soon!! You must be excited for LA!!

If you don’t mind could you privately share how much Pomona is covering for financial aid…?

I’m not sure how to pm through this. Do u have ig