Pomona College Fall 2021 Transfer Waitlist

Hello guys, I’ll start the thread here. Good thing is that we still have our chances at Pomona College. Let’s goooooo

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Hi @mikmikhouse
Glad to see another person here on the waitlist. I remain hopeful for Pomona!!

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Did you get the email to send a LOCI?

Yeah I got the email as well :slight_smile:

The waiting game is intense. I had not submitted my LOCI so I finished it and sent it this weekend. Hoping for the best for the both of us. My CCC counselor mentioned that there are likely not that many on the waitlist so that could mean good news for us.

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Yeah I heard about the waitlist as well… I haven’t submitted mine yet… Debating on what should be on the letter haha :slight_smile: Like you said, I hope they will take both of us!!

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Have you committed to another school yet? I would definitely give them an update!

Are you a transfer or first year waitlisted?

Hi there, I am a transfer waitlisted. Are you?

sorry for the late reply! I just saw your post on the Stanford thread and remembered. No, I didn’t make any commitments… On top of Pomona and Brown, I got waitlisted at Stanford as well… All my top choices are goneeeee

I am praying they open a waitlist spot for you. That in itself is incredible but a hard road. Hold on to some hope for a school to open a spot for you:)

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