Pop-window to "finish registration"

I’ve been having a problem with accessing the forum today. When I try to browse “latest topics,” a window pops up, asking me “to finish registration” (although I’ve been a registered member for over a year). I filled out the required areas (name, date of birth, and what best describes you) and submitted several times, but the same form pops up again blocking the actual forum. Doesn’t happen on all the subforums, but definitely on this one. Anyone else having similar issues?



We’re taking a look! You shouldn’t have to fill out the form more than once.

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Yes, I’m having the same issue. I’ve been a registered member since 2012.

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Piling on- same thing. If I exit out all the way & come back in it goes away.

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Same here. Been a member for over 19 years. :blush:

Why even fill it out once? I have been a member since 2010.

Even long time members will need to fill it out so we can have the same minimum information from everyone. This helps us in regulatory compliance, and also to help filter out any communications that might not be relevant to you.

UPDATE: We’ve disabled the “Complete your Registration” form while we figure out what’s going on for existing users. If you log out and back in, you shouldn’t see the form. At some point in the near future we’ll need to bring it back, but I’ll give you a heads up when we do.

Was there a notice that this form would need to be filled out? If there was I missed it.

There was not - when we circle back I’ll make sure I announce it and give everyone a heads up.

Also, it seems to be geared only to students. Will there be a parent/adult option?

Thanks so much.

Not sure why you need a birthday …I personally don’t like to give out that information online.

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You can put down any birthday you want…and name.

This is primarily to align us with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”). You must be over 13 to register. Secondarily, it is used to differentiate between parents/students so we can tailor your experience on CC.

I’m not trying to be difficult but if we can put down any birthday we want, why can’t a 12 year old say they are 45?


There really isn’t a fail-safe, non-invasive way of verifying age on the internet (even in 2021). The best we can do is ask for age and prompt them that they need to be over 13 to use the site.

I did

You can just ask a person’s age or to check a box verifying they are over 13.

Just a pet peeves of mine…prefer to minimize giving out personal identifying information.

I did not put my real bday for that reason.

I hope asking for a birthday doesn’t dissuade anyone from joining CC.

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