Popular Sports?

<p>In my school the number one popular sport happend to be lacrosse; anyone else's school a lacrosse-crazed school?</p>

<p>What sports are popular for students at your school?</p>

<p>Hmm...no one? Or do people just not have time to think about this stuff...;p</p>

Nah, Asians don't play football...or at least they're too small to be good at it ::rolls eyes::. Our school like...badminton, volleyball, and tennis. Yes I know it's odd, but Asian Americans just love their badminton. Sucks considering that we are in California lol.</p>

<p>lacrosse is pretty popular since we had an amazing team a few years ago. Overall the most pop sports are football and b-ball of course, then lacrosse tennis rugby and hockey</p>

<p>baseball... no. 1 in the state... but our aces left... one to yale* with a 1410...</p>

<p>Sports? What are sports?</p>

<p>It was basketball for a while, but then our stars left. This year it's probably either soccer or lacrosse.</p>

<p>As for me, well, I play golf.</p>

<p>Dima343, that's how I feel at my school with only a high school student body of 350. But surprisingly, at my school we do have 4 sports. Lacrosse is by far the biggest sport. Everyone around the school carries a lacrosse stick it seems like. We have about 50 guys on two teams for lacrosse (about 1/3 of all guys) and about 20 or so girls playing lacrosse, not to mention many more that play it for fun. Even though we're kind of bad at it, I think Lacrosse is becoming a major craze not only at my school, but in the whole entire San Diego section. There just seems to be some little fascination about throwing a ball around using a stick with a net.</p>

<p>living in a rugby obssessed country, our main sport is rugby.. then soccer. Rugby has the macho (ugly) ashole guys and soccer has the hottest guys in the school.
lacrosse is not big in this country. I didn't even know about it until this year in p.e lol</p>

<p>My school has like very sport (even golf), it's just that no one cares about them except the people on the teams.</p>

<p>Ultimate Frisbee is huge at my school...the entire county is, actually. We have our own league.</p>

<p>Soccer/football, the old favorites :). I used to be pretty good at football when we played 2 hand touch, mainly because I was pretty fast, but tackle = no thnx ;). </p>

<p>Track is also pretty popular, we supposedly have the largest track team in the state or something. We don't even have an official lacrosse team heh.</p>

<p>my school's really arts-oriented. football's pretty big, but mostly as a social event each week during season. crew, too, if you consider that a sport.</p>

<p>Crazy sports? Nah just a little too popular...</p>

<p>Fall: football
Winter: Ice Hockey and Basketball
Fall: Lacrosse</p>

<p>What is crazy Frisbee?</p>

<p>Basketball and Hockey</p>

<p>Ultimate Frisbee is sort of like football...except you can't move with the frisbee, and it's one on one defense. Plus, the scoring system is different, and there are a lot of ways to throw a frisbee. Also, it's non-contact. It orginiated right here in NJ. I could go on and on, but....yeah.</p>

<p>wow... sounds pretty hectic. I can bearly even through a frisbee normally!</p>

<p>fall: soccer
winter: basketball
spring: lacrosse</p>

<p>Bball & American Football</p>