Post M10 Advice/Directions - Please Read Before Starting a New Thread

With thanks to @SevenDad

"Every year that I’ve been on the BS forum, there have been people who are very active in the months and weeks leading up to M10, and then — POOF — they disappear, never to report their results.

While I can understand that it might not feel very good to get bad news and then share that news, I challenge every applicant who has used the site in this application cycle to come back on M9 (or whenever your news trickles in) and accurately report their results. For 99% of you, your identity is anonymous to others…so who cares?

Why do I ask this? Because I think the self-selection that goes on post-M10 tends to skew the reporting of results…making it seem like a majority of applicants get into the schools to which they applied, no matter how selective. Which we know is not true for the body of applicants.

The other thing I want to reinforce to those who DO get good news on M10 is this: DON’T BE A JERK.

Don’t gloat, don’t get into comparative discussions (my school is better than yours), don’t talk about how you gamed the system and won (Jackson Hole ski vacations anyone?), etc. It’s just not good form, and I can almost guarantee you’ll get beat up a bit in threads if you choose to go this route."

I will go one step further. For those with multiple acceptances, feel free to be happy. But the time to post your thread of “Should I choose X vs. Y” is not this week. (And I will delete such posts). Spend a week to reflect. If possible go on revisits (for those offring). Then post your question if still undecided. Additionally, I ask that you wait a week to post any “Who’s going to XYZ” or “Tell Me About XYX/What classes should I take/What dorms are best?” Those too, will be deleted.

Additionally, while some posts may seem really important to the poster, in reality, they are duplicative. Examples include “Will I get off the waitlist?” “Did anyone hear from XYZ?” “When will acceptance packages come?” Such posts will be merged in with existing threads without notice or comment.


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