Post-March 15th Acceptances


<p>Post your application status, if you were still undetermined after the end of the March 15th. Also post any important updates.</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Mine still says no determination has been made as of the 17th of March so im going to call the school right now and see if there is any hope for those of us who are being stringed along. Ill post an update as soon as i get the information</p>

<p>No Determination as of today--business adm. turned in app 11/14</p>

<p>No Determination so far -- Animal Science turned in my app 11/02 -- I'm a transfer student</p>

<p>I found out today (accepted). I'm not sure if mine was posted before or after the 15th though because the last time I checked was at the beginning of February.</p>

<p>ok as promised i called the admin office and i asked if the no determination was actually a rejection since i knew so many people who have been accepted. she kinda laughed a little and said no they are rolling addmisions until april 1st. but then i asked again so this does not mean we will soon be rejected and she said no there is still a chance to be accepted</p>

<p>i called the admission office too. I asked them if the early start of the housing has anything to do with the actual admissions of the applicants, and she said absolutely no, and housing is completely independent from admissions. </p>

<p>I also asked how the acceptances are release with any particular order, or based on any major. She said no. They are basically just posting as they get through the pile of applications. If your not determined at this point its because your at the end of the pile. </p>

<p>But our chances are not lower at all. So yay to us undetermines</p>

<p>thats a relief to hear that</p>

<p>I just call the admission office before reading this, and as mentioned, she says that they are still in the process of notifying applicants. There is still hope!</p>

<p>shoot now my hopes are going up AH!</p>

<p>Thanks very much guys =) that is a relief to hear</p>

<p>Oh goodness. I just don't like the housing stuff though...I'm scared that even if I DO get accepted, I won't have housing!</p>

<p>So, undetermined.</p>

<p>its okay though i dont mind off campus housing. Also i doubt too many people have already sent their intent to register already in order to fill out the housing apps. and maybe the housing isnt first come firs serve it might be lottery you never know.</p>

<p>no determination so far (business) but i'm getting really nervous since i've already been rejected by ucd, ucsb, and ucsd. I've always got ucsc though...</p>

<p>im with you ucsc</p>

<p>i'm still not determined. i was losing confidence till i read amirjpl's post. i got into ucdavis but rejected from ucsd. hopefully i get into to slo as it was my first choice.</p>

<p>im glad i was able to give u hope again crazedmrho. i got rejected for davis actually. wat are your stats, and your major?</p>

<p>my gpa is 3.67 and majoring in arch engineering. my sat score sucks 1690. but i got 10 years of piano with some kind of certificate and an eagle scout award im kinda still scared because my major is heavily impacted at slo</p>

<p>can anybody chance me? my gpa is like 3.8 for business with an sat of 1820 (1250 for reading and math). i have a fair amount of extra curricular activities including 4 years of cross country, 4 years of track, guitar lessons, and junior classical lead. i really want to get into slo, but i'm losing hope. :(</p>

<p>wats your major?</p>