Potential college essay idea

Hi everyone! I wear a hijab and was wondering if writing my essay about the beginning of my hijab experience and how specific colors of my hijab connect to specific emotions I had felt during meaningful times of my life (etc, wearing a navy blue hijab during a Quran competition and my sadness when I lost or wearing a yellow hijab while being happy). I am applying to schools I deem to be competitive so please let me know what you think!


I think a good essay can be written based on any subject. What makes it interesting are the details, observances and conclusion. Is it an essay that someone would remember? That tells them something about yourself that would not come across in other parts of the application? If so, then it could be a good essay. It really will depend on how it is written and if it summarizes who you are.

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Sounds like a potentially good essay. I would be willing to read it. I will PM you.


I love the topic and think you can and will make it work.

My only advice is don’t write what you think the college wants to hear, write what you want to say about yourself and most import be honest. Your apparent self awareness and narrative will be compelling to the reader.

Good luck.


I also think that it is an excellent topic - it’s personal, it’s creative, and it says something about who you are which cannot be seen on the rest of your application.

My only advice is to remember the No. 1 rule of writing: Show, Don’t Tell!

Good Luck!


You’ve got a solid idea that has very good potential in showing your character/personality as the essay prompt wants.

The biggest mistake is Not answering the Question/Prompt clearly. It’s easy to talk about many many related things, but you’ll want to laser focus you make sure every sentence supports answering the prompt.

Your ability to write well peeks thru in what I’m reading in your post, so that’s a good thing, too. A good writer vs a bad writer.

Just make sure it gets many reviews, in depth. 5-10 revisions/commenting minimum.

Ie. Simply throwing in the 1st, 2nd drafts aren’t going to get you in because it’ll likely have obvious areas for improvement.