Pound at 1.311

Just a friendly note for those US Dollar holders needing to make university fee payments in GB Pounds - the Pound is currently trading at 1.311. A 52 week low.


Do UK universities allow advance payments? My D starts a masters program in the fall. I know we can check, just curious.


This is an excellent point. The euro is also taking a beating against the USD.

Now would be a good time to pay/prepay stuff if your original currency is USD.

@HazeGrey: much appreciation for this important heads up.


While my son was at Oxford, it was more about getting funds from the US into his UK bank account when the exchange rate was favorable. I sent a couple years worth of fees over when the Pound was sub 1.25 a few years back. Invariably, the exchange rate was not in your favor when fees were due for the year at the start of Michaelmas.