Power outage in the NE

Well, apparently hurricane/tropical storm isaias has dumped a ton of rain in areas of the NE (flooding in PA and elsewhere) and is causing power outages in NY and CT. @thumper1 would have started this thread, but… she has no power!! How is everyone else doing who have been in the storm’s path?

Quiet before the storm here. Waiting for the rain and wind to start.

The only device I have working is my Iphone and it is almost impossible to start a thread from a phone!

CT has tons and tons of power outages. We also don’t have internet. No estimated times for restoring these because of the large number of outages.

Friends on Long Island also without power. And tons out on MD and VA also.

Tons of trees down blocking roads too.

Lots of street flooding in our suburban Philly town from local creeks. Some power outages. Rain was worse here than the wind, although a tornado did touch down near my MIL’s home in the county next to ours. Storm ha moved out and it is a lovely evening!

Family members who are currently at the Jersey shore reported the opposite - wind was much worse than the rain.

Uh oh better buy some candles! Very very damp here, wind is starting (MA). I also better charge my phone!

My daughter living on Long Island reports power outages and falling trees (her own and neighbors’). Fortunately her new house came with a natural gas generator and she has power!
At the moment, the sun is out but still windy.

Coastal Virginia. High winds, tornado alerts in the middle of the night. Many power outages locally but luckily we did not lose power. And it is only early August! All the best to everyone !

Son in CT states power is out, tree down in backyard, but thankfully no damage. Family in Westchester, most are without power, trees and power lines down all over. Con Edison states this is the 3rd highest number of power outages in the company history. The 1st was super storm Sandy and the 2nd was hurricane Irene.

Heavy winds and lots of rain in MD where I am right now. We were smack dab in the middle of the storm as it came up from the Carolinas and right after it hit Virginia. Our house, electric, WiFi, sump pump, and trees (less some minor branches) held up fine. But not the case in other parts of town. Some large trees down and parts of the town without electric and WiFi. Thigh high flooding on some streets this morning but it has receded pretty much by now. Damages to piers and things left outside. But overall, in this part of Maryland, not bad.

Two small tornados in the aftermath caused more damage than the storm and surge in towns not too far from here.

Back to normal tomorrow, I think. My kids up in NYC area said that impact was minimal in tgei

Southeastern PA, 7+ inches of rain,
power out, investigating possible tornado that caused damage to local hospital …cars piled up, damage to on-site daycare center.

@Mabelsmom I’m in PA too and saw a photo of the car pile up at the hospital. Crazy! Lots of flooded roads and of course people driving through them thinking “It’s not that deep, my car can make it.”

I had a lot of people not able to get on meetings because of power outage, and this is from NJ to CT. A lot of people are out of power now. I am lucky to be in NYC - no overhead power lines. It was bad between 12-4, but it quickly passed us.

Also in NYC. Went out for lunch around 2 pm and light rain so I thought no big deal. Then the wind started. Wind like I’ve never felt before. Employee in NJ has no power. But otherwise, fairly normal here.

The hospital that was hit by the tornado is right across the street from my MIL’s 55+ community. She had no damage at her place. Crazy!!

NJ got hit bad, several tornados touched down in south jersey. Lots of trees and power lines down in north jersey. Some folks will be without power for a week. Luckily, rain wasn’t so bad, hit during low tide so only small scale flooding.

Several towns without power here in the Berkshires. Trees and power lines down in Great Barrington. Large tree fell on my neighbor’s house. We had several “Take Shelter NOW!!” alerts today because of possible tornadoes in our area. The last one (in 1995) did a lot of damage and caused a few deaths, so we take those alerts seriously. Tired of running down to the basement when the alarms go off! Looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.

Northern NJ and luckily have power and only some downed branches. Family further west and down south are out of power, with no indications of when it will be restored.

My brother lives in Brooklyn and posted a video of the trees on his street intensely swaying. His wife later posted photos of Prospect Park post storm - lots of tree debris everywhere, but blue sky and an empty park! A rarity!

Yes Central NJ many trees and power lines. Large part of our town and neighboring towns, no power. Many areas that were out a couple weeks with hurricane Sandy. We lost it twice but back, knock wood. My sister in Delaware, tornado damage a few miles from her house!

Lots of people lost power. I don’t know why we rarely do on our block. Lots of big branches fell, and a huge lovely sycamore fell a few blocks away. All the street trees in our neighborhood are close to 90 years old and we lose at least one every time there is a big storm. We lost a piece of aluminum siding, it’s sitting in our living room now. I’ve been meaning to replace it with Hardiboard for years - it may be time to bite the bullet!