Pratt EA class of 2024

My daughter applied as a film major. She is waiting to hear from Pratt.

I applied EA as Undecided! My portfolio was mainly drawing and painting with some graphic design too.

Does anyone know when the letters are going to come out? Will it be Dec 15 like most other EA/ED schools?

My son also applied EA for film. Anxiously waiting!

Anything, yet, for anyone??? My son applied for film as well.

Not yet


My son’s also awaiting EA decision for film…

I applied for animation. They said they don’t notify in the portal, just through email and mail. I searched through CC for prior years and it looks like people were notified on weekday afternoons before Xmas in the past. So I’m guessing we will hear something next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday by email if history is any indication. Good luck to everyone!

I talked to Pratt at Virtual National Portfolio Day and they said EA results would come out around Christmas.

Results just came out. Both merit and acceptance.

is merit information on admission email or did you get a separate email with merit?

My daughter got a separate email with merit

My son also heard today- two emails, 1 acceptance, 1 merit. Grateful.

gosh… found the email of the merit scholarship in the spam!!

My son got two emails, one acceptance and one merit. The merit is quite generous and we are pleasantly surprised.

Daughter just found out as well. As everyone said…2 separate emails.

No news yet. Maybe they send acceptances first. ?

I got two emails too! I got in for the BFA in Communications Design with a $27,000/year merit scholarship.

So frustrating my daughter got an email that she was missing her ACT score. They apparently match you score with your email. The ACT was connected to her other email. The wait continues.

My daughter got her email today! She got in and got 27K/year merit! She also got her acceptance to SAIC today with merit! She has had a good day! Congrats to all.