Pratt Early Action 2018

Does anyone have any idea of when early action decisions will be mailed out? the only thing I saw was January 5 (hoping its not that late) otherwise its vague.

Thank you:)

Hi I saw some people say December 22 on old forums but I’m not sure where that info came from. I hope the decisions come soon!

I also applied for Pratt EA but haven’t got my mail yet. The website said late December, and I think the letters arrive at like the last week of December from what I gather from other forums. I understand your concern, as my friend at Parsons have got his acceptance letter already (I am honesty freaking out too tbh). I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you at Pratt Sadie. :slight_smile: what major are you applying to?

i think everyone got emails today. i got accepted to Communication Design (Art Direction) !!

@hahaha789 i got my email today too (accepted to Digital Arts)!

@animation2022 @hahaha789 I got my acceptance too! I’m in architecture! See you guys at Pratt :slight_smile: !!!

anyone from fashion? i haven’t gotten any email yet

I got my acceptance email today! (School of Architecture) No word on merit though, does anyone know when we’re notified?

I got accepted in school of architecture. Now waiting for merit

D received an email just now notifying her the amount of merit scholarship, 18,000/year. Thrilled

Just receive merit as well, 26k/year!

@Archlover same here! Totally thrilled!

@sadie1245 Just got my acceptance email yesterday, and my merit scholarship today for fashion design. However I wouldn’t worry about it, and am sure you will hear back real soon :slight_smile: I wish you the best of luck!

Got 18000 for my merit :slight_smile: it is so weird (in the best of ways) that I will be in the same class as you guys next year

I got deferred from the architecture program. I have to wait for Regular Decision. Does anyone know how many people who applied early action get in during regular decision?

I got a 17000 merit scholarship, wish i got more, but im still grateful!!

What were you guys’s act/sat scores and gpa! @hahaha789 @Ravelijenn @celinjolieb @animation2022 @winterbeauty @Archlover @Codykid

@tatidee123 1380 (750 E/630 M) 3.69 UW (out of 4.0)

33ACT, 94gpa, 9AP’s

@tatidee123 My gpa and sat are nothing to brag about, honestly my portfolio must have pulled me through. gpa 3.54 and sat 1210. How bout yours?